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Hello! How was your weekend? It was a little overcast and rainy here but we managed to get outside when it wasn’t too wet.


On Saturday morning I met Katie at the park for a quick five miles. My goal is to be able to run with her (she is a speed demon) through week 20 — one week to go! After I dropped her off I conveniently ran into Anthony (who was out on his own run) for the last three.


I’m pretty excited about my new shoes — more on that later! — and wore a purple top just to match. Does this top + bump make me look like Barney?


Eight miles at an unknown pace because my Garmin died! I’m never one to miss a recharge but I think when it restarted the other day that zapped the battery. I felt so lost without my little GPS.

Our weekend was super low key, minus one muddy outing to the Music City Food & Wine event!


Anthony and I popped in and were really impressed with what a great event it was, even in the rain! Since we’re not drinking that took exactly 50% of the fun out of things BUT these amazing pretzel rolls crafted by Southern Fatty himself totally made up for it :)


Later that night we went on an epic adventure…


Anthony and I bonded with the Buy Buy Baby team and spent over an hour folding, strolling, assembling, and disassembling all of the strollers. After extensive YouTube research I was hoping to love the Phil & Ted’s Voyager BUT the UppaBaby Vista was pretty impossible to beat. What a smooth ride.


We also stopped at Babies R Us where I found essentials such as a trash can that vacuum-seals dirty diapers.


And  “lactation cookies” that looked really delicious actually.


We didn’t buy any cookies because we were too full from dinner! :)


Anthony and I were thinking of going out on Saturday night but then realized that we could probably save a ton of money and stress by cooking something fancy at home. Cook Smarts’ blackened salmon with coconut rice was awesome! Fancy mocktails on the side.


Cheers to a new week!

  • Highlight of your weekend?
  • Weirdest baby/pregnancy product you have seen or purchased?
  • Stroller shopping tips?

8 thoughts on “weekend.

  1. Need more photos of you in profile view, plz.
    Also, my cousin has a machine that mixes formula for you right into the bottle (it has warm water and formula in it so the bottle is perfectly made), it looks like a big smoothie maker or something. It seemed a bit ridiculous to me at first, but after babysitting their twins I realized it is actually amazing.

  2. Weirdest product: The fridababy Windi.

    Lindsay and I have the Bob Revolution Flex, and though we haven’t used for true running (you supposedly shouldn’t run with the little guys and gals for 6-8 months!), it is a marvel of modern technology.

  3. I just got purple shoes too! Mizunos…………breaking them in today! What kind of Nike visor is that? I am looking for another one……..

    • love mizunos! oh man, my visor is about 6 years old so i don’t think nike makes it anymore. fun fact: i bought the white visor for myself in 2010 and anthony bought the black one (not knowing i’d bought white) and gifted it to me for my birthday the next day! haha. it’s a good visor however be wary of velco straps – can get stuck on your hair and on clothes in the wash.

  4. I didn’t pay much attention to random baby products – now I kind of wish I did. We barely bought anything. Even stuff like a baby monitor were barely used.

    I had two strollers – one was a travel set from Graco that was able to have the infant car seat clipped in and then after just a regular ol’ stroller. I believe I got a silly discount off it. I think it was $60 for the whole thing (car seat included).

    I did purchase a used Chariot. I prefer the chariot for a jogging stroller as it can also be hooked up on the bike. Although I no longer run with Max, we can still pull him in the stroller until he is something like 65 pounds. I bought used and I found one that was barely used.

    • i haven’t looked into jogging strollers yet but think i will go used on that front! we are hoping to adopt a “less is more” mentality too :)