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pregnancy survey: 19 weeks

Since you asked for pregnancy updates, I’m going to try and do one post a week dedicated to baby! I was never interested in reading other bloggers’ pregnancy survey posts until we started thinking about getting pregnant ourselves. And then once I got pregnant, I loved reading about other women’s experiences, especially when they were at the same week mark as me. So with all of that said, I’m doing it. Apologies to anyone who finds these surveys totally boring. Here’s a photo of a recent street furniture find to cheer you up.


Pregnancy survey: 19 weeks!


Due date: February 13th. Valentine’s baby?!

Baby is the size of a: Zucchini!

Total weight gain/loss: 5 pounds

Exercise: I’ve been able to run or workout almost every day so far in my pregnancy, though I’ve scaled back on the mileage and intensity of my workouts just so I don’t put my body under too much stress or risk injury (related: pregnancy and running in my first trimester recap). A few missed workouts due to oversleeping. Apparently growing another human inside of you is quite exhausting!

Stretch marks: None (yet… fingers crossed!)

Swelling: None (yet). But my veins are really apparent in some places which is sort of freaky.

Maternity clothes: Thanks to you fabulous readers, I have some awesome recommendations to follow up on! I hesitated to buy maternity clothes because the task felt too overwhelming (where do you start when you basically have to replace an entire wardrobe?) but when my jeans barely buttoned last week I knew it was time to bite the bullet and embrace the bump. I ordered some basics from Old Navy and H&M and will probably need to invest in a few more things soon.

Belly button: Still an innie!

Sleep: Sleep is my favorite. I’ve always been a deep sleeper but being pregnant has turned me into a zombie! Other than regularly waking up 3-4 times a night to go to the bathroom and needing the occassional bowl of cereal at 2 a.m., I haven’t had restlessness or trouble sleeping (yet). I have had a lot of crazy, vivid dreams! I haven’t had the common one about giving birth to an animal or object, but I have had some super weird baby-related dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was on the set of Saved by the Bell and went to find out the gender of our baby in one of the classrooms using this giant old-school 90’s-style computer thing. It was a girl! Mr. Belding would be proud.

Food cravings: Breakfast sandwiches, spicy Asian food, mangoes, ice cream. Especially mango ice cream!

Movement: I *think* I felt baby kicking around yesterday! It was a weird sensation. Sort of like tingling or a little spasm. Like those electric ab simulator belts, but a lot less painful!

Labor signs: Ha. No.

What I miss: Beer, brie, and real coffee. Sometimes I get sad about my sober, decaf lifestyle but then I remind myself how lucky I am to be pregnant (and how frustrating it would be if we were still trying at this point!) and get over it in about two seconds. I know a lot of women struggle to get pregnant and am so grateful that we’ve been lucky.

What I’m loving: I’m alllmost at that stage where I have a definite pregnancy bump and not in that”hmm, is Mary just getting a little chubby?” stage. Funny story: A couple of weeks ago someone told me I didn’t look pregnant, but more like I ate too many tacos over the weekend. Thanks?

Best moment this week: This hasn’t happened yet, but I imagine that putting on my first pair of maternity jeans when they arrive in a few days will be a dream.

What I’m looking forward to: Monday! We have our next appointment and find out the gender! If you have a hunch one way or another, I made a poll for you to cast your vote! :) Answer will be revealed Tuesday of next week! (Email readers, you have to click through to the post in browser to see the poll or just use this link)


6 thoughts on “pregnancy survey: 19 weeks

  1. Did your doctor tell you to give up coffee? Most health professionals say it’s okay to have up to 2 cups of coffee through pregnancy as long as you don’t have any underlying health concerns.

    • Oh, good to hear that! I’ve gotten no H&M recommendations yet but thought their stuff looked cute (and cheap!) so I ordered a bunch :).

  2. Loved hearing your pregnancy news. Here, half of us think that the baby is a girl while the other half think baby will be a boy. So some of us will get it right.

    Also, loved seeing the baby bump.

  3. So funny about the “too many tacos” comment. Reminds me of Bill telling me about two weeks after giving birth that my stomach didn’t look like I had just had a baby, but more like a girl who likes to drink a few beers. I had the same reaction…thanks?