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morning jog + jamba juice

First off, sorry if email readers missed the poll yesterday! Apparently the form only loads in-browser. You can still guess the gender using this link if you missed it :)

How’s your morning going? I was up dark and early to meet with East Nasty.


I even wore my headlamp for the first couple miles because it was pitch dark out! Luckily by the time we made it to the lake, the sun was coming up. I almost bagged this run in favor of sleep, but once again am so glad I made myself get out there. What a pretty morning.


And a cool 65 degrees, too! Fall, is that you?!

Saw this abandoned stroller on Franklin St. We don’t need the Uppababy Vista — this one should work just fine! Right Anthony?


Five and a half miles in the books. Loving my Saucony Kinvaras so far, btw — will do a full shoe review soon!


But first let’s talk about SMOOTHIES! And juice. Jamba Juice!


The Franklin store invited me over to sample some of their concoctions yesterday and go behind the juice bar with their master juicers. Fun!


I think I’ve only ever stopped at a Jamba Juice while in an airport, so didn’t know much about the company. I was impressed with the Jamba menu — which includes everything from acai bowls to cookie smoothies to simple OJ — and some of their specials! Some of the mom bloggers there were happy to hear about Kids’ Day Tuesday (free kids’ smoothies with the purchase of an adult smoothie) and $2 oatmeal Wednesday might be nice this winter. Also, compared to some of the fancier juice bars that sell $9 cold-pressed juices, you can get a (non cold-pressed, but still fresh!) juice at Jamba for half the price.


Also love that Jamba Juice doesn’t use any added sugars in their drinks. Just fruit, veggies, and whatever other fun stuff you want to add. They even have wheatgrass for those brave enough to endure the bitter.


I sampled a few Jamba smoothies. My favorite was their new pumpkin smoothie, made with almond milk and real pumpkin puree.


Though, of course, the cookies ‘n’ creme was obviously delicious too :) . Definitely a more indulgent smoothie, but it does have 28 grams of protein and bits of all-natural cookies with no artificial ingredients.


The juiciest of all the drinks I tried goes to the “veggie vitality” juice! Simple but tasty. Carrots, apple, and greens. Not the prettiest drink on the menu (it’s kind of a Shrek-color brown/green) but surely one of the most nutritious!


Thanks for having me, Jamba Juice! I’ll be back when it’s a more appropriate time of year to drink pumpkin smoothies. AKA tomorrow.

  • Ever been to Jamba Juice? Favorite menu item?
  • Anyone else have the Kinvaras? Love them? Hate them?
  • Running in the dark: Headlamp, reflective vest, or shoe blinkers?

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