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this week’s eats

It’s Friday already! I don’t know what I’ve been blogging about all week but I guess it wasn’t about food. Catching up with some of this week’s eats:

Pad thai! The love for spicy Asian food continues. This was a Cook Smarts recipe that we modified a bit.


I was too lazy to cut the chicken into strips so slow-cooked and shredded it instead. Half soba noodles, half “zoodles”!


The zoodles made another appearance the next evening. Chicken parm!


Tip: You can get a fist-sized ball of fresh mozzarella at Costco for like $5. I recommend eating it with every single meal :)


One night we put on our fancy pants (totally lying, I eat dinner in my PJs) and made STEAKS.


Anthony takes all the credit for grilling these to perfection.


I handled the green beans and smashed potatoes — bake in the oven for 45 minutes, smash with a tenderizer, and then crisp up in a skillet with a generous amount of butter.

The sides made for a perfect base for runny eggs the next night! I took this meal to the couch and watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (which I want to like, but just don’t think is very funny) since Anthony was out of town for the eve.


But he’s back now, and it’s the weekend! What fun things do you  have planned?