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How was your weekend?


It’s still stupid hot in Nashville, but at least the mornings are starting to cool down. Went on two lovely runs with friends who also like to wake up at 6 a.m., even on Saturday and Sunday :)


Lizzie and I headed to the airfield for a nice flat run. Seven miles with some stops to say hello to Katie and Anthony, who were both out for runs at the same time!


On Sunday I met up with Katie for a few quick miles. We had the streets to ourselves.


My sub-8 days are over, but that’s okay! Have you heard rumors that women are faster after they give birth? Guess we will find out in 2017!


On the food front, my mom and I went cast iron crazy on Saturday and made Dutch oven chili + skillet corn bread. Embracing my Southern roots!



We made this “game day chili recipe” (plus bell peppers) and thought it was a winner. Now I just have to start watching football to complete the equation…


Cool enough to eat outside! Anthony and I ended up partying with my parents past 10 p.m. which is truly wild for us.


Must have been those crazy mocktails my mom made.


Other weekend adventures included eating a bunch of breakfast tacos for Katie’s birthday:


And doing a bunch of random chores around the house, such as packing up all of my normal-sized clothes as I embrace my new “extended” look.


Speaking of which, we find out the gender of little lamb today! If you still want to vote now’s your last chance. Big news coming tomorrow!

  • Have you heard that women get faster after they give birth?
  • How early do you usually wake up on the weekends?
  • What football team are you cheering for this fall?

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  1. I had not heard that women get faster. I had my third baby 15 months ago and I am still much slower than pre-pregnancy, but with 3 kids I also have a lot less time to run!!!😋

  2. I got faster after my first and even faster after my second! I credit stroller runs for the speed… ? Maybe? I also make my workouts count because time is precious so lots of hard speed workouts that are done in 30 minutes…. squats while I’m brushing my teeth … that kind of silliness :)

    • squats while brushing teeth – that is dedication! :) what kind of running stroller do you have? do you recommend it?