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goodbye running, hello ice cream

Morning! This is where I would usually tell you about my run but instead I’m going to talk about my bike ride!


Indoor bike ride, that is. I’ve been going to spin class this week and am starting to get into it! Of course running is my #1 true love, but it looks like I’ll be breaking up with my Sauconys for a couple of months. My doctor told me on Monday that she wants me to take it easy on the high-impact stuff (running, jumping, heavy weights) for a while.


I’m not going to lie — I was kind of bummed about about it initially. Especially since fall weather seems to finally be here! But, I’m still putting myself in the lucky camp in terms of health. Baby is 100% in good shape and I’m not banned from staying active entirely. Walking, yoga, Pilates, and spinning are all still on the list! And even swimming. Should I try to start swimming or even pool running?! I’ve always kind of wanted to try but never had the motivation.

Last note about this news is that I have absolutely no idea what I’ll blog about over the next two months. Guess we’ll have to go out for ice cream every night just for the blog photos.


Another idea is that I could quit my job and start working at La Michoacana. I actually worked at an ice cream shop, a sno cone stand, AND a Dip ‘n’ Dots when I was a teenager so I have plenty of relevant experience. Just need to brush up on my Spanish and I should be good to go.


The reason for the big night out last night — it was Anthony and my anniversary! Three years since we tied the knot and drank a 15-liter bottle of champagne.


Before ice cream we went to Taj for dinner! Best Indian spot in town. Just so you know I sat on the side of the table closest to the rice and naan.


Leftovers for lunch which means that it’s going to be a good day. See you tomorrow!

  • Tips for first-time swimmers?
  • Longest time you’ve gone without running at all?
  • Locals: Favorite Indian restaurant in Nashville?

17 thoughts on “goodbye running, hello ice cream

  1. Congrats on the baby and happy to hear you and she are healthy! If you don’t mind sharing, why did the doctor recommend no high impact sports? Also, Happy Anniversary!!

      • Oh good! Hope you have a smooth rest of your pregnancy! Sorry for being nosy- I am pregnant and just wondered if there was something to look out for. I swam competitively for years. It’s a great full body workout! Like running, I’ve found that you have to be patient as you get back into it.

  2. That really stinks about running, but kudos to you for viewing it from a positive perspective! I’ve been aquajogging a bunch due to a recent injury, and let me just warn you that it’s boring as heck! I would highly recommend an Audioflood or other waterproof iPod to help distract you while doing it.

    As for swimming, my main tip would be to go easy on yourself – it is HARD even for those already in great shape. That could be a great challenge for you over the next few months :)

    • thanks for the tips! yeah i thought pool running might be lame but perhaps it’s worth a shot. i’ve only swam laps like twice in my life and found it really hard. a little scared to try it again!! hope you recover quickly!

  3. Happy anniversary! (We have the same anniversary- we just celebrated 3 years also)! No large champagne bottle at our wedding though…

    I do vote for more ice cream!

    • haha, the champagne was a gift from anthony’s best man, who definitely knows how to party. we don’t even know how he got it into the country or into tennessee. happy anniversary to you!

  4. I had to stop running because of recurring tendonitis, and swimming has been an awesome alternative! Definitely super hard to get started with – I still only last about 15 minutes and I’m totally spent, much like when I first started running :) I would recommend getting a pair of goggles, they make a huge difference. I found a nice and cheap pair pretty easily on Amazon.

  5. I pool ran all last summer – weird at first, but it actually does help keep you in shape!

    I stopped running when I was 6 months pregnant – I ended up on my bike until 40 weeks. Not a big deal at all. I was coaching XC, so it made it super easy to “run” with the team

  6. I’m sorry about the no running restriction! I’ve been on a no running restriction since 6/3 (yes, the date is memorialized in my brain). My baby should be here in three weeks and I can’t wait to get back to pavement.

    My substitutes: pool running, swimming (the backstroke since I can’t seem to breath right otherwise), and the arc trainer. My vote is pool running is the best alternative. You at least feel like you are running a bit. I did discover it is very different depending on the depth of the pool you have available. I’m liking swimming more, but I don’t like how much time it takes to get ready and clean up after swimming. I will say, the pregnancy bump makes an excellent excuse for being a terrible swimmer. There is no judgment.

    Good luck to you and your little one!

    • this was really encouraging to read! thanks for sharing. feeling more confident and ready to “dive in” with the bump :).

  7. I’m almost 6 months along and haven’t run at all during pregnancy but used to quite a bit before. I’ve loved spinning classes, swimming, yoga, and core exercises (check out elite runner Sarah Brown’s blog for some good core exercises: https://bteamrunning.com/). Swimming has been my favorite activity so far. I don’t feel heavy and can go fast or slow depending on the day. I don’t have a swimming background but basically taught myself a few years ago. It is tough to get started, but once you practice you’ll get to where it’s comfortable-exactly like running is! It’s seriously a great workout! Good luck! :)

    • thanks for the recommendation! i ordered a swimsuit and it arrives tomorrow. i’m also going for the “self-taught” approach… wish me luck!

  8. I know I already commented via Instagram, but don’t give up on swimming. I was winded and done after ten minutes the first time I swam. It gets sooo much easier. And it’s so peaceful and quiet under water. And you feel so light when you get that big ol’ belly later on. I can’t imagine pool running though????. Side note: being active when you are pregnant is so good for you and you can totally do that with walking, swimming, yoga, etc. I promise you running will be so easy to get back into. So be active if you can but don’t be afraid to rest! Which it sounds like you are already know ????