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a stroll + some soup

Friday! Slept in and went for a little walk around the hood. This is one of my favorite East Nashville homes and I wore a shirt to match it.


Yes, those are gloves you see on my hands! It’s a dreary day and temps are down to the low 50s even though it was 90 degrees last week. Crazy.


Did this week fly by for anyone else? We had things going on almost every night so I barely had time to cook. Luckily I made a few meals that stretched throughout the week. Starting with a big batch of taco-seasoned chicken that we put on salads for a few days:


I swear there really is chicken there. You just can’t see it under the massive pile of “toppings” AKA “second meal” of chips and salsa 😉


The cooler weather these past few days calls for soup!


I followed a simple tomato soup recipe from Cook Smarts and regret that I didn’t make a triple batch! Would have been great to freeze for the future. BTW, we’re considering getting a second freezer because basically when you shop at Costco one freezer simply isn’t enough. Anyone else have two freezers? Good idea? Bad idea?


I had an open-faced grilled cheese on the side and think it deserves a close-up. So beautiful.


And now it’s the weekend! We have a fun dinner planned tonight with friends and then are keeping it pretty low key for the next couple days. See you on Monday!

  • Second freezer: Yay or nay?
  • Favorite soup recipe? I think I need to make a second batch of something this week.
  • Runners: Do you enjoy walking, or is it kind of like a slow, cruel tease?

5 thoughts on “a stroll + some soup

  1. We have a second freezer-mainly because we belong to Costco . I love it. It’s nice to be able to break up packages of meat into actual edible portions.

  2. Look at that bump! I love it. Also I’m glad you were able to get out for some fresh air! I imagine all those spin classes indoors are taking a toll.

  3. Second freezer – definitely yay! I will occasionally stock up on sale goods that I can freeze and use up later. Same with making big batches of soup/pasta sauce, etc. if it’s mostly empty some of the time, no biggie, but it is SO worth it when you do need it! It’ll be good for having made ahead meals for when baby comes too! Take something out of the freezer, throw it in the oven/crock pot/pan and be done!