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prince + posole

Morning! This song was the first thing I heard this morning on the drive to spin class which means it’s going to be a good day.


Getting out the door at 5:15 for a 5:30 workout is pretty rough (before I started doing this spin class I would usually go for a run around 6:15) BUT on the plus side, I knock out my workout before I’m even conscious. And I have time to eat breakfast at home when I get back! I’m normally a breakfast on-the-go/at work type of person so it’s been a nice change.


Yes that’s a Christmas-themed bowl you see there. Plus an octopus napkin and a Japanese flower plate? Speaking of mix-matching, I have a hard time deciding between sweet and savory for breakfast so I just go for both :)

I haven’t been on any sort of cardio machine other than a treadmill (and even that was painful) for about five years. Yesterday I discovered this new (to me) “adaptive motion trainer” and oh my gosh. It’s great! **Almost** like running and way better than the boring ellipticals I remember from the past. Has anyone else used one of these machines?


ps – Absolutely nobody at the gym thinks I’m weird for posing with cardio machines at 6 a.m.

It’s soup week at the Lambkin house! I saw two soups on the Cook Smarts menu this week and got really excited. First up: chicken posole.


I’ve made a million different variations of this soup over the years. This one wasn’t my favorite to date, but it was still totally tasty. Just needed some chips and hot sauce :)


The secret ingredient to chicken posole (other than chips and hot sauce) is hominy, which is some sort of dried/puffed corn in a can. It’s always hard to find at the store so whenever I spot it, I stock up.

It’s hard to see the actual soup under the mountain of toppings. So here’s proof that there was actually chicken and peppers below.


What do you guys have going on today? I’m off to work with more posole packed for lunch. Then it’s time for Mexican round II at El Jaliciense tonight! Just call me Maria.

  • Ever been on an “adaptive motion trainer?”
  • Cook Smarts people — did you make the posole this week? Thoughts?
  • When/where do you typically eat breakfast?

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