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swimming + soup

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments the past few days about running alternatives! You guys finally convinced me that I probably wouldn’t drown of embarrassment if I tried swimming.


I ordered a super cheap (and ugly!) maternity swimsuit on Amazon, some hot pink goggles to go with it (because why not), and a swim cap which hasn’t arrived yet (my hair still smells like chlorine). Yesterday I took the plunge!


I was really nervous going into the water because there were some super serious Speed-clad men doing intense laps beside me. But, they were really nice and even offered to share a lane with me (which I laughed really hard about and declined, because I am slow and needed to stop after every.single. lap!). There was an older lady in the pool who was just sort of floating around. She is basically my new pool BFF.

Anyways, I swam for 35 minutes and did freestyle laps (or something resembling freestyle laps?) back and forth the whole time. Even though I am a terrible swimmer, I left the pool feeling really proud! Definitely dove (well, more like gradually climbed down the latter) outside of my comfort zone on that one, but I kind of liked it! Reminds me of when I first started running and had no clue what I was doing. Stay tuned for more swimming adventures and soggy goggle photos!

Speaking of goggles, shout out to my friend Alanna who completed a triathlon the other day! Champ.


And to my friend Meredith who crushed a 10k last weekend!


Moving right along. Soup week continues!


Butternut squash soup is one of my favorite soups of all time. Last year I even did a butternut soup-off and tested about five different recipes over the course of two weeks.

This Cook Smarts recipe was a winner! On the side was an open-faced croque monsieur which sounded so fancy I had to make it. Turns out it is basically a glorified ham and cheese sandwich :)


I think I did this the other day and decided it’s my favorite way to end a blog post. Close-up of melty cheese coming at ya:


You’re welcome! Have a great day!

  • Last time you were really nervous to try something new?
  • Favorite soup of all time?
  • Have you ever done a triathlon?

8 thoughts on “swimming + soup

  1. Are you going to try pool running? I have always been curious about it. I guess there is a belt you buy??

    • idk, i hear mixed things about pool running. i saw a girl pool running the other day when i was swimming and though it looked like she was getting an awesome workout it also looked super boring :). i think my gym has the belts for free to try so maybe if i’m feeling curious i’ll give it a go!

  2. Swimming is definitely my non-running cardio of choice, but it’s so logistically difficult for me that I usually just end up on the elliptical or spin bike. :-/

    Also, I am super excited for soup season. That butternut squash looks delicious!

    • love soup!! and very lucky that my gym has a pool that’s usually not too crowded, and that i have a car so i can easily drive home, shower, and get rid of soggy stuff. when i lived in dc that would definitely not have been an option!

  3. Keep up the swimming thing … It’ll start to grow on you, I promise! I started swimming after getting injured a few times during marathon training and it is such an awesome workout that I now regularly incorporate into my training plan!

    Favorite soup ever – Any type! As long as it comes with a big piece of crusty bread on the side … I’m in!

    • yes, bread is essential! so far so good with the swimming thing. thanks for the encouragement and good job at chicago btw!