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let’s talk beef!



How was your week? I’m looking forward to the end of this one because Anthony gets home tonight! He’s been gone a few days for work. I made lots of plans while he was away so I wouldn’t go stir crazy. Including a girls’ night out at Hai Woon Dai! This hole-in-the-wall spot never gets old.

I get excited to go with more than two people because that means there are almost enough appetites at the table to eat an entire seafood pancake.


I’ve learned not to question the seafood pancake or its ingredients. I just smile and dig into this fried mass of fish and sea creatures that is bigger than my head.


The main event of the night: bibimbop! Topped with all the fun stuff and a sizzling pile of thinly sliced beef.


Speaking of which, I have a little announcement to make today! I recently partnered with the Tennessee Beef Council and will be serving as the coordinator for Team Beef, a running group that races on behalf of all things beef! I’ll be walking, running, and racing with about 15 other Nashville- and Memphis-based athletes for the next year and wearing an awesome steak singlet. Watch out world!

team beef

Just a few fun facts about the good stuff you’ll find in beef:

  • Iron: Runners — especially female runners! — need iron to help restore red blood cells
  • Protein & amino acids: Help build and repair muscles after a workout
  • Zinc: Boosts your immune system so you can keep running healthy

For more info, check out this Runner’s World article on healthy meats for runners or this protein benefits infographic.

My beef bibimbop didn’t fuel my runs this week, but it did fuel my swims, spin sessions, and walks! This whole low-impact thing hasn’t been so bad after all. Lots of fun ways to change things up.


I’ve been going on morning and lunchtime strolls when I can. Sometimes I go in silence, sometimes with friends, and sometimes with podcasts. I’ve been listening to a LOT of pregnancy podcasts lately — any out there that other moms or moms-to-be would recommend?


Off to download a couple more for my commute today! See you people Monday.

  • Podcast (pregnancy or otherwise) recommendations?
  • Favorite source of protein?
  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?!

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