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fall weekend

Monday!! Wish I was still outside strolling in the sun:


^^ This is from Anthony’s run. But I got outside multiple times over the weekend for walks! With street furniture. Also YES I am wearing a jacket. Fall is here.


In celebration we bought everything pumpkin at Trader Joe’s. That rooibos tea is amazing! Haven’t made the scones yet but I’m sure they’re going to be pumpkin-tastic.


The gourd-geous (hehe) weather was perfect for a party! We stopped by Anthony’s friends’ place for a get-together with country music included. #Nashville


Other than that, we kept this weekend super low-key which was amazing. I had time for TWO naps and some laps! I bought a swim cap and am looking really really good.


Another thumbs up because I learned how to come up for air on my left side! I only swallowed half the pool in the process. I can now officially alternate breathing sides, just like the pros :)

Speaking of being a pro, did you know I’m an Executive Member at Costco? Yes, Executive Member is a proper noun!


We found a FIVE-POUND tub of plain yogurt for $6 and had to try it. I think this deal even beats my homemade yogurt in price! And it’s pretty close in terms of taste, too.


When we weren’t eating yogurt this weekend, we were eating Indian food. Our Costco adventure took longer than expected so instead of cooking dinner we went back to Taj to finish up a gift card we had (thanks Mom!). We’re obsessed with this restaurant lately.


Highlight of the night was this appetizer. Forget what it’s actually called but I renamed it “Indian nachos.” Yum.


Wrapped up the weekend with some episodes of Arrested Development and the debate. Both were hilarious :)

  • Highlight of your weekend?
  • Favorite Costco steal?!
  • Favorite pumpkin item from Trader Joe’s?!

6 thoughts on “fall weekend

    • oh man. this recipe looks so good!! would love to do a post dedicated to costco. will have to brainstorm and type it up after our next visit (we usually go about once a month). great idea! in the meantime check out this lady’s blog entirely devoted to costco: http://www.ilovecostco.com/ so random but highly entertaining.

      • I thought you would like the recipe! Something to try on the weekend.

        And the costco blog is entertaining – thanks for sharing.

  1. I housesat for a friend who has a menagerie of pets……..the most recent additons are 7 baby chickens! About 3 weeks old. I kept thinking of Friends chick and duck scenarios, and Arrested Development when they all try to figure out what a chicken says! Hilarious!