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Morning! I’ve been up since dark o’clock:


The 5:30 spin class is a struggle to get to, but once you’re there you can totally zone out for a solid 20 minutes. Then spend the next 25 minutes thinking about breakfast :)

Made it home just as the sun came up! I was all about eggs and cereal the past few weeks but the past few days I’ve been craving oats.


That’s a dollop of Anthony’s homemade peanut butter on the side! He made a few fresh batches using our juicer over the weekend.


Not sure if anyone is a Consumer Reports subscriber but they recently did a study on the best store-bought nut butters which I found fascinating. I know there are major world events and an upcoming election to think about, but issues like nut butter quality need our attention too 😉


Like I said, we make our own PB — but I’d be curious to try some of these other butters just for fun! Cashew butter?!

While we’re talking about butter — that was one of the main ingredients in the pan sauce for this Cook Smarts recipe we made the other night! I’m not complaining. Despite the yummy butter/white wine/shallot sauce, I’d still put this recipe in the healthy category. Look at all of those colors!


Pork chops stuffed with Gorgonzola, chives, and apples. And before you leave a comment about pregnant people and soft cheeses, don’t worry — I triple-checked to make sure it was pasteurized :)

Green beans and cumin carrots on the side! Yum. After a series of one-pot meals lately, this “meat and two” was a nice change.


What have you got going on today? I’m off to work and then headed out for taco Tuesday. Going to be a good day.

  • Favorite type of nut butter? Favorite brand? When I do buy PB at the store, I like Whole Foods 365 brand.
  • Do you subscribe to any magazines? I used to read RedBook but thought it got boring. Now I only read Consumer Reports. Though I’d love to re-subscribe to Cook’s Illustrated!
  • Spin class – yay or nay? I couldn’t do it every day but once or twice a week is fun.

9 thoughts on “biking & butter

  1. Where are you going to spin classes? I can only get motivated to exercise *before* work if it’s a class or something, and the only morning classes I can find start at 6 a.m. which would make me late for work. Spinning sounds fun! :)

    • The East Nashville YMCA has 5:30 classes almost every weekday! I like the Tues and Thurs classes with LaSonyia.

  2. I am addicted to peter pan honey roasted. Probably not the best for me, but I love it.
    I subscribe to Runners World, and I was a Country Weekly subscriber, but after like 30 years of publishing they just stopped it this year! SO. BUMMED.

    • Does RW write anything good these days? I feel like they regurgitate a lot of the same basic training info over and over but haven’t picked up an issue in ages!

  3. have I told you about my almond butter obsession? I’ve been making my own for years. It’s so easy and tastes better than anything you can buy. I love pecan butter too. We’ll discuss on our next walk!

    • um no, you have not told me this in all of our miles together. need to discuss ASAP. we are going to need to take a very long walk!

  4. Trader Joe’s cashew butter and almond butter- creamy and salted. Both are so good! I only spin when injured or training for a tri…I spend the class exactly like you do. Waking up then thinking about breakfast. Not my fave but sometimes that’s all you’ve got ????