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a season of waiting

Do you guys keep a diary, journal, or blog? One of the perks of writing about random stuff we do and taking photos all the time is that I have a pretty solid document of my life for the past 4.5 years. Thanks to everyone who has been reading all along, or joined in at some point along the way! Virtual cookies for you.


I was thinking yesterday about how October has historically been an eventful month for me. In 2012 I ran the Southern Plunge marathon (and went to a wedding the same night?!):


Oh, and we also went to Puerto Rico for a weekend!


And then in 2013 I ran Marine Corps before quitting my job and jetting off to Vietnamweek later. That was fun.


In 2014, Anthony and I ran the Chattanooga 4 Bridges half. One of the most scenic halves I’ve run to date!


And then I went to New York, partied with Meredith, and ran the Richmond Marathon a week later!


What about 2015? Oh, surprise, another marathon. Last year Lizzie and I tackled the Detroit Marathon, one of my favorite races to date!


SO. Here we are in 2016, and I have absolutely zero plans on the racing or travel front for the whole of the month. I’m not even running, period. After four years straight of eventful Octobers, it feels pretty weird to just hang out at home for all of fall. Good thing I have all of these pumpkin treats to keep me occupied.


But even though we’ve got nothing on the calendar this month doesn’t mean that we’re bored! With baby on the way and the holidays around the corner, I feel like we’re in an intense season of waiting. My mind is constantly occupied, mostly with thoughts about the future. I go back and forth between wanting to soak up and enjoy every moment of these low-key, easygoing weekends we’ve had lately and then wanting to zip through the next four months so that we can meet baby Lambkin! And then wondering what it will feel like to have a belly so giant I can’t touch my toes or run with a jogging stroller. So many changes to come!

I don’t really have any deep thoughts beyond that, but I suppose I’m feeling reflective on the blog today in anticipation of your input. Have you ever been through a “season of waiting,” and if so, how did you handle it?

6 thoughts on “a season of waiting

  1. This is exactly what my pregnancy has been. Without running, my normal social connections are cut. October without a marathon seems kind of sad. I’m not someone who enjoys being pregnant so soaking up the memories hasn’t been anything I’ve really strived for. That said, I’ve distracted myself by hosting dinner parties weekly, picking up crocheting, and reading. I’ve tried focusing on what I can do. That said, I’m not the best at advice on this. Good luck!

    • Crocheting!! Nice. Yes, without drinking and running my social life is struggling these days too 😉 . Hang in there!!

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Detroit marathon – my home town. I loved the Richmond (course and people) though that ended up being a horrible race for me resulting in a torn hamstring :( But glad you are still blogging :)

    • ugh, sorry to hear richmond didn’t go well for you! that downhill at the end could do some serious damage!

  3. I agree with Kathy’s comments above. Especially since I felt like after having babies, there was constant waiting. When will she sleep through the night? When will I get out of this mental fog? When will she smile? Roll over, sit up? When will she start baby food? When can we transition to milk and be done with breastfeeding/bottles? When will she walk? Having a baby is SO great, amazing, wonderful and life-changing but there is SO much waiting. For the next step, hurdle, etc. So I’d say, take that cooking class now. Plan a big Christmas party. Volunteer somewhere. Redecorate a room in your house. Read. Like all the books because that won’t be happening for awhile. Take swimming lessons! Go out to breakfast. Meet friends for coffee or to discuss a book or whatever. Leave the waiting for later!