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Weekend is hours away! Just a few things to catch up on before the party starts. “Diving” right in. Who is that crazy lady in the deep end?


My swimming career is at an all-time high. I can now breathe on BOTH sides and I have a serious-looking swim cap. All I need to figure out next is the fancy underwater flip so I can turn around without stopping, and then I should be ready for the Olympics.


Today I broke a new record and swam for over 45 minutes! I find that the first ten minutes or so are really boring but then I kind of get into a groove and the rest of the workout flies by. Sort of like running. Which I do miss! But at the same time this hiatus has been kind of fun.

On the food front we’ve had a lot of home-cooked meals this week. Nice to hang out at the kitchen table and save lotsa $$ by not eating out. Cook Smarts had two new-to-me recipes on the lineup this week, starting with crispy chicken thighs:


I’ve only cooked chicken thighs a couple of times before so was excited to try this recipe! You basically cover the meat in flour and spices, sear it on the stove, and then finish it in the oven with a lemon/wine/shallot pan sauce. Dee-lish.


Served over a mix of brown and cauliflower rice. Roasted sweet potatoes/apples/red onions on the side which makes this an officially fall meal.


Kitchen MVP of the week goes to my slow cooker, who pulled through yesterday and had this Japanese beef curry waiting for us when we got home! All we had to do was heat up the rice and slice a lime. Boom.


I had no idea what to expect with this dish but we liked it! Plus I was starving by the time I got home at 8:30 so anything would have tasted good at that point :)

I was out late because I was teaching my English class! Yesterday was my first full lesson and I had eight students to entertain for two full hours.


We learned the differences between “how much,” “how many,” and “is there any,” “are there any.” Plus lots of vocabulary about grocery shopping, which is my favorite topic in any language. Next week perhaps we will talk about running or ice cream — two essential topics any new American should know about.

Off to finish up this week. See you guys Monday!

  • Have you ever taught/are you a teacher? Lesson plan tips for teaching adults?
  • Last time you tried a new recipe?
  • Swimmers: any advice on how to do the flip at the end of each lane?

4 thoughts on “catching up

  1. I don’t flip…too much water gets up my nose and I somehow get too deep when I try to flip. I hope you get it though. It looks so cool. The first ten minutes are definitely the hardest!

    • ugh, water up the nose is the worst! already happened to me a few times and i haven’t even tried to flip. ha.

  2. I don’t usually flip either, I try not to rely on kicking off the wall too much to prepare for open water swims where there’s nothing to propel yourself from! However, I think the best way to learn would be to try just doing a somersault at the wall and kick off while you’re upside down, and just get the timing of that figured out. So just swim away from the wall on your back and flip over awkwardly somewhere away from the wall. Then add the flip over later into one fluid movement once you have the timing of the actual somersault (and can do it without inhaling the whole pool!