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How was your weekend? We had another lovely low-key one at home. Even had time to watch a movie on Friday night!


Paired with homemade popcorn and my go-to mocktail of late. Yes, that’s Captain America on the screen above. Anthony’s choice!


There’s a prenatal class on Saturdays at the Y which I’ve been to a few times now. Fun to meet other ladies who are growing humans just like me :)


The weather was perfect this weekend. Went for a couple of walks around the hood, and around the track! Anthony sprinted, I strolled.



Remember when we lived in DC and had to walk almost 2 miles to and from the grocery store on the weekends with loads of food? We did the same thing (except only for a few necessities I forgot at the store) on Saturday night for old times’ sake.


The big highlight of the weekend was…. TAJ!! Regular readers might have noticed that we’ve been here three weeks in a row. Apologies for the overload of naan on the blog lately.


My parents discovered that Taj has a lunch buffet so obviously we had to go.


Just look at it. So many different curries, stews, and steaming plates of rice.


We aren’t usually buffet lovers, but exceptions are made for Indian food.


I was obviously stuffed after lunch but luckily I have a separate second stomach for ice cream :)


Anthony and I shared a scoop of coconut at La Michoacana. Best flavor out of all 100+ options they have (and we’ve sampled them all, trust me!)


Sunday we went to church and then I went for a swim. Getting a little stronger each week! The rest of the day I spent puttering around the house while listening to this pregnancy podcast. Then I went crazy and reorganized my pantry (details to come!). Plus a break for coffee with Katie!


Time for another cup of decaf to jump start this week. See you tomorrow!

  • Buffets: Yay or nay?
  • Favorite podcast, pregnancy-related or otherwise?
  • Do you walk or drive to the grocery store?

4 thoughts on “weekend.

  1. Sounds nice:) I don’t listen to many podcasts because my phone is a million years old and usually can’t make it through a whole segment but I have listened to a few of Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcasts and I think they are super interesting.

  2. I LOVE buffets. I have really enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and NPR’s Fresh Air podcasts. I walk to the grocery store sometimes – we just load up the bottom bag part on our jogging stroller with our purchases :)

    • i listened to revisionist history — that’s a good one! haha, another good reason to invest in a jogging stroller…