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a peek inside my freezer! 5 foods you should freeze

Morning! The first thing I did today was laugh which I’m taking as a sign going to be a good day.


When I woke up I asked Anthony what he was doing and he said “none of your beeswax,” which I thought was absolutely hilarious. When is the last time you guys heard that phrase?! Brought me straight back to the 90s. Good times.

Annnnyways, that story has nothing to do with today’s post topic: My fabulous freezer!


I am obsessed with freezing everything and with baby on the way we’re even thinking of getting a second freezer (which many of your recommended the other week – thank you!). I thought it’d be fun to do a post about my favorite random things to freeze. Here are FIVE foods you might not have thought of as fit for your freezer:

1. Tomato paste!

You know how recipes call for a teaspoon of tomato paste and then you’re left with an almost-full can of it? Instead of tossing it out or letting it go moldy in your fridge, FREEZE IT! (ps don’t judge me for the four jars of Talenti I have in my freezer…)


2. Minced garlic!

I hate mincing garlic because it makes my hands all smelly and I can NOT wash the scent off! Every now and then I go on a garlic rampage and mince a million cloves at once. That way I only have to deal with garlic hands once and have it ready to go in the future.



Bananas, berries, and mango cubes are some of my favorite smoothie ingredients. Freeze them when they’re fresh (or about to go off) and toss ’em in the blender. PS this photo makes me miss spring.



Recipes often call for a quarter or half cup of wine, leaving you with an open bottle to deal with. Typically I would just drink the rest :) but since the Lambkin residence is alcohol-free for now, I started freezing it! Just pour in a bag and chip off some for your next recipe.


5. Dough!

Similar to the garlic situation, I like making cookies but hate all the fuss associated with it. So when I make cookies I usually double or triple the recipe and freeze half of the dough to use later. It’s best to pre-roll the dough into balls and then just pop them on a tray when you’re ready to bake. This strategy has saved me in numerous “emergency” baked good situations like birthdays that slip my mind!


What are your favorite things to freeze? Tell me how to make food storage even “cooler” in the comments!

5 thoughts on “a peek inside my freezer! 5 foods you should freeze

  1. Right before my daughter was born I baked 6 loaves of bread (3 regular white/wheat bread and 3 King Arthur cinnamon swirl bread), sliced them up, and froze them. It was such a lovely treat having warm, toasted homemade bread smeared with Kerry Gold in those first few weeks of hazy-new-mom existence.