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this week’s menu

Morning! It’s normal to go grocery shopping before sunrise, right?


We were almost out of milk and since I was wide awake after 5:30 spin class I swung by the store on my way home. No better time to beat the rush :)

Other than this carton of milk and lonely avocado, I haven’t had to buy any groceries this week which is wonderful. On Sunday I prepped most of the stuff for meals all week. Here’s what’s been on the lunch/dinner table lately…

Sundried tomato soup! I went waaay back on the blog to find this recipe. I’ve been fighting a little cold the past few days so hot soup sounded good.


The first time we ate this was on Sunday night after a loooong day of chores and no afternoon snack! So I added baked potatoes with a little bit of pulled pork on the side for staying power.


On Monday we tried out one of the Cook Smarts meals of the week — chicken tagine. Mocktails on the side!


I’ve made chicken tagine a couple of times before and can’t say that this was my favorite recipe of the ones I’ve tried. Still good though. Something about the sweet apricots, smoky paprika, and spicy cayenne! Served over a mix of couscous and sweet potato cubes. Felt fancy for a weeknight.


Last night’s meal was much more typical of a busy day dinner — one-pot slow cooker supper :)


I mixed ground bison and beef plus all the other traditional chili ingredients. If only the fall weather would return (it’s like 85 degrees here — what the heck?), this would be a perfect October meal.


What’s on your menu this week?

3 thoughts on “this week’s menu

  1. Yet another tasty food post of yours to bookmark….One of these days I will try making them!! Chicken tangine sounds so good & I love bison.