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Usually I save my random roundup-style posts for Friday, but today is Friday-ish for me because I’m taking tomorrow off! Let’s go for a walk and catch up:


I’m almost at week four of no running, and it hasn’t been quite as bad as I’d thought it would be. Lots of walks around town have kept me busy! Plus I’ve had a lot of friends volunteer to walk with me which is nice. Last night I met up with Tracy for a sunset stroll:


Tracy is another Nashville blogger who writes about running and wine! Thought it was funny that we didn’t run or drink wine (which I totally would have recommended in my pre-preggo days). We got juice instead!


This morning I made it out for a short stroll around the neighborhood.


Lovely sofa chair on Skyview Drive if you are interested. Just flip her right-side up and you should be good to go!


Moving from one of my favorite topics (street furniture) to another (food): Here’s an “Anthony special” that we made the other night. Anthony used to make this all the time in his single days!


Crumbed chicken, simple salad, and a cottage cheese/tomato/olive oil mix. Have y’all ever eaten cottage cheese as part of a savory meal? I’d always seen it as more of a snacky and sweet food until Anthony introduced me to it as a side dish six years ago. It’s actually quite good!


Plus this meal took like 20 minutes to make. Booyah.


Another night I was out at a work event and left Anthony in charge of dinner. I’d prepped a few things beforehand but the main event was up to him. When I came home, dinner was served!


Pecan-dijon salmon, brussel sprouts, and mashed taters. I’m lucky to have married someone who knows how to cook!


I guess I’m not so bad in the kitchen, either. Proud to be featured as this month’s Cook Smarts Kitchen Hero! You can read my interview here


I may or may not be back here tomorrow! I have an epic one-day staycation planned and am looking forward to sleeping in :)

  • Does your partner/spouse cook?
  • Cottage cheese: Yay or nay?
  • Tell me one random thing from your week!

8 thoughts on “walk & talk

  1. The savoury cottage cheese must be an Australian thing. I’d never even thought of using it for sweet dishes until a couple of years ago. Savoury all the way!

  2. My husband makes baked pancakes, but I usually do most of the cooking. I only like cottage cheese blended into a smoothie. It adds protein and creaminess without the texture. I tried my first yoga class tonight and it was amazing. There may be more yoga classes in my future.

    • thank you! yes, lots of walking, swimming, and spinning. hoping i get the all-clear to run again at my next appt in 4 weeks!