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snoogle + soup

What has your morning looked like so far? I’m just sitting down with a cup of coffee at 7 a.m., which is way too late for me. Then again, it is decaf — so who are we kidding? I’m tired all the time and there’s nothing to be done about it! Ha.

Speaking of sleep, have you guys heard about the Snoogle pillow? It’s a special pregnancy pillow that looks like a giant paperclip/slug/snake/carabiner/letter C:


My hips and shoulders have been a little sore from sleeping on my side so much, so I gave this a try the other week. It was hilarious! Snoogle took up half of the bed and I felt a bit claustrophobic being wrapped in a giant fluff trap. Fun to try, but I returned it and spent my $60 on a dozen containers of Talenti gelato instead :)

Did I ever tell you that we taste-tested Talenti gelato vs. Aldi gelato? I was secretly hoping Aldi would pull through, but Talenti remains the ice cream king.


Clearly this blog post has no direction so I might as well round it out with a dinner recap and then get out of here before these rambles get out of control!

Spinach, sausage, and bean soup. Adapted from a Cook Smarts recipe for this week!


Glad I prepped everything for this recipe on Sunday because we had 45 minutes to cook + eat + clean up last night! We host a church group most Tuesday evenings at our house which means dinner has to be quick.

I was worried that the short cook time for this meal would equal lackluster results, but I was wrong. Sausage carries magical flavor power.


Topped with a generous sprinkle of parmesan and parsley. Is anyone else sad that their summer herbs are dying? Our parsley is the only plant still barely hanging on.


Off to work and then meeting a special friend for lunch!! See you guys tomorrow.

  • Are all of your herbs dead?
  • Pregnant/formerly pregnant people: Have you tried the Snoogle?
  • Favorite ice cream/gelato brand?

3 thoughts on “snoogle + soup

  1. Good call on returning the snoogle, in my opinion! Gelato > weird pregnancy gizmos. Personally, I just used a regular old pillow for more support. I have heard others swear by it, though!

  2. I used a neck pillow tucked under my belly when I laid on my side. One of those travel ones. It held my tummy up so I didn’t feel so rolled over… Does that even make sense?

    • that’s a brilliant idea! thanks for sharing. my bump isn’t too huge yet but thinking about what to do when it gets really big!