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latest swimming & eating adventures

Morning! It just started raining in Nashville but I’m not worried. I’ve been soaked since 5:45!


Today I set a NEW record and swam 42 laps! I **thought** this was more than a mile (because I can’t remember the difference between yards and meters) (#America), but now that I looked it up I think I’m wrong. A swim calculator says that I actually only made it 0.84 miles which is so close!! Next time I’m going to go for all 65 laps.

Reminds me of the first few times I tried running at a track. I had no idea what a 400m was, what a 1600m was, or what 8×800 meant. I need some pool distance education!

Moving right along to dinner because I’m running late and need to get moving: Cajun chicken and quinoa. We used to buy fresh flowers for our table, but now just use bottles of hot sauce and ketchup for decoration 😉


This Cook Smarts meal was super simple but so good! A bed of veggies and quinoa topped with Cajun-spiced chicken and a paprika yogurt sauce. Sweet potatoes on the side because  Anthony had grilled sweet potato wedges at a restaurant the other week and has been dying to try to make them at home. They were tasty!


Speaking of going out, yesterday I splurged on lunch with my friend Melissa! We were college roommates way back when and she’s in town for a couple days.


Quick, healthy, easy lunch at Turnip Truck. Veggie panini + chili for me.


Luckily Melissa is still in Nashvegas so we get to hang out more tonight! I’m calling it an early start to the weekend :)

  • Can somebody help me with pool distance calculations? I was a writing major and haven’t done math in quite some time.
  • Locals: Favorite lunch spot?
  • Best roommate story of all time? (I could dedicate an entirely separate blog to stories from my Craigslist roommate days in DC…)