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where did the weekend go?



We’ve got our candy ready and our pumpkin carved for trick or treaters tonight. Speaking of treats, check out these cookies Anthony made over the weekend:


We took them to a friend’s house last night for a big group dinner! Main event was lasagna. Yum.


Other eats of the weekend included a trip to Hai Woon Dai! Something about a steaming bowl of bibimbop sounded just right. Pretty sure our baby is made of 50% sriracha, 50% gelato.


Love the little appetizers they bring out at Korean places! We don’t know what they are half of the time but they’re still fun to try.


On the workout front, I made it to the pool twice this weekend and am really starting to like swimming. I thought it’d be boring but it’s not at all. Maybe when I get to run again, I’ll still hit the pool on occasion? (should I do a triathlon one day?!!!)

And our other big adventure was hiking, yoga-ing, and exploring the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences! Full recap on that one coming tomorrow :)


I feel like I should have more photos to share, but that’s all I’ve got! I guess the weekend slipped away from me but I’m not exactly sure how it happened. Maybe it’s the result of sleeping in twice, going to be before 9 p.m., and binge-watching Arrested Development? #worthit

Have a spooky day, friends!

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