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How was your Halloween? We got a disappointingly small amount of trick or treaters. But I guess that means more candy for me! What’s your favorite Halloween candy? I’d probably go Baby Ruth or Almond Joy :) When I was young, one of my and my siblings’ favorites were those GIANT jawbreaker candies that took WEEKS to finish — does anyone else remember those? So gross but so good. We’d save them in slimy ziploc bags and gradually wear them down. Apparently they still sell them at candywarehouse.com…


Didn’t stay up too late with the ghosts and ghouls last night. Had to make it to dark-o-clock spin class! Just like I prefer to end my runs on a 0.0 or 0.5 mile mark, I’ll keep pedaling until I hit a perfect distance on the bike too. Most days I’m in the 15-17 mile range. PS I never look at calorie counts on these things because 1) it’s not really important to me and 2) they’re usually inaccurate. “Calorie counters on fitness machines can be as much as 25 to 30 percent over or under your actual burn rate,” according to a study reported in this article. Occasionally I’ll wear my heart rate monitor when I’m trying a new workout just out of calorie curiosity, but typically I judge my workouts off of perceived effort.


Another issue where looks don’t matter: Shepard’s pie. Not the prettiest dish in the world, but it’s so good! We whipped this up last night.


Ground beef, peas, carrots, celery, and onion. Mashed taters on top! I know there are lots of shortcuts you can take when making shepard’s pie but I insist on spending hours chopping and mashing everything from scratch. I’m guessing this will probably change when baby comes :)


Served steaming hot and followed by the pilot episode of Westworld. Has anyone else watched it? Super freaky but kind of good.


You have a good day!

  • How do you judge effort/intensity of a workout?
  • Anyone watched Westworld? Thoughts?
  • Favorite Halloween candy?!

2 thoughts on “candy, calories, pie, and tv

  1. It makes me sad when people judge their workouts based on calories burned. ????

    Almond joy!

    We are just getting into Westworld. I hated the first episode but I admit it’s growing on me.