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day in the life: tuesday

Morning! I love reading other bloggers’ “day in the life” posts and it seems like you guys like reading mine too. It’s been a while since I posted one of these, so on Tuesday I took the time to take really GREAT photos of EVERYTHING on my phone just for this post! Here goes!

4:55 am: Wake up. Eat a handful of pumpkin spice mini wheats and half a cup of coffee while I tell Anthony about my riveting dream — that I worked at the Publix supermarket deli and got FIRED! Out the door around 5:15 to head to the gym.


5:30-6:15: Spin class. I was pretty much asleep the whole time but it was a good session. The Tuesday/Thursday instructor plays lots of hardcore rap which is always a great start to the day.


6:15-6:30: Follow up class with a few easy strength moves (Bosu pushups, crunches, weighted lunges).


6:40: Kroger stop. Going to Kroger at this hour = zero lines or rush. We ran out of ketchup which equals an emergency situation. Pineapples on sale for 99 cents so I grab one of those, too!


Also I spot a “tumbleweave” in the parking lot and it makes me laugh. Oh East Nashville.


6:45 – 7:20: Food prep. I get home and start prepping everything for the day. Marinate chicken, chop broccoli, and start beans in the slow cooker for dinner; pack up lunches and snacks for Anthony and me to take to work (Hi Anthony!); cook some eggs for breakfast.


7:20-7:30: Shower and throw on some clothes.

7:30-7:50: Finish coffee and write blog post for the day.


7:50-8:00: Fold laundry. While I’m folding I start listening to a new-to-me podcast: Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy. This is one of my favorites of all the different pregnancy/birth/baby podcasts I’ve listened to so far — just straight-up information from actual doctors!


8:00-8:20: Hair, makeup, jewelry, and a few last dishes/clean-up items around the house. Here’s me in non-workout clothes! My mom got a me a few things from Motherhood Maternity the other week and I’m growing into them :) Thanks, Mom!


8:20-8:40: Drive to work. Still listening to the podcast on the road! This episode was one of a three-part series dedicated to vaccines. Interesting stuff.


8:40-8:45: Quick walk from the parking lot to my office. I always catch up on the Skimm while I stroll.


8:45: Breakfast (finally!) while I start the workday. My favorite breakfast lately is eggs + cereal (mixing pumpkin spice mini wheats with boring non-sugar wheats). Yum.


12-12:45: Over my lunch break I go for a walk downtown. Now onto episode #2 in the podcast series!


12:45-1: Quickly eat lunch — leftover shepard’s pie, salad, fruit. Probably some of the best food photos I’ve taken in my blogger career coming right up:


I scroll through The Wall Street Journal while I eat. I try to read the actual news but always get sucked into the lifestyle section :) Very important article on laundry tag symbols, you guys! Then it’s back to work.


4 pm: Snack break. Forgot to take a photo before I started nibbling on some pretzels and cheese. Here are the last few bites!


6:20-6:40: Drive home. It was a busy day at work and I’m sad because it’s dark outside. I’m officially podcast-ed out so I listen to NPR.


6:40-7:10: Dinner rush. I make sure to pick quick meals for Tuesday and prep as much as possible in the morning because we host our church group most weeks starting at 7:30. Luckily Anthony got home a bit earlier than me and started grilling the chicken! I tackled the side dishes in about 20 minutes.


7:10-7:30: Dinner! Peruvian chicken, plantains, rice + beans, broccoli. I went a little overboard on all of the side dishes but it was a good combo :). We have just a few minutes to clean up before our friends are at the door!


7:30-9: Church group. We have five other couples come over to catch up and chat about the sermon from Sunday. We’ve been in this group for two years, so we’re a pretty tight bunch!

9-9:30: Ice cream and Arrested Development. This episode = the introduction of “Bob Loblaw”, my new favorite side character.


9:40: Lights out! Alarm back on for 4:45 the next morning so we can start all over again :)

The end!

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