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this week’s eats

Friday! Grab a cuppa tea and get ready for a post all about this week’s eats.


^^ Hot tea from the famous Crema cafe downtown. Believe it or not, this was my first time going! Very cool spot.

On the dinner/leftovers menu this week, we were all about the meat and potatoes. First was the shepard’s pie…


We also did pork chops! Anthony is still perfecting his baked-then-grilled sweet potato wedges and these were pretty awesome. And because it’s 80 degrees in November, grilling season is still in style :)


The key to a not-dry pork chop: Brine it! I read up on this Serious Eats post a while back and it’s my go-to pork chop resource. Creamed spinach on the side.


The big cooking adventure of the week: Two recipes from this cookbook I randomly bought in a used bookstore a few months ago. I’ve loved reading it! Madhur shares her experiences moving to the US from Delhi in the 1970s, which much have been quite a lifestyle and culture change. And then she shares some Indian recipes that she’s figured out how to re-create using American ingredients.


I thought this was just a random old book from an Indian lady 40 years ago, but I just Googled Madhur and realized that she actually went on to become quite a celebrity after writing it! She’s in her 80s now and still rocking. And this cookbook made it to the James Beard Hall of Fame. Guess I know how to spot a good cook book :)

Knowing all of that now, I’m not surprised this tomato-butter chicken and eggplant bhurtha (aka smoked eggplant) turned out well. I had no idea what to expect when I was making both dishes, which included spices I usually don’t use like cloves, turmeric, and garam masala. And the amount of garlic/ginger in both recipes was insane! I went through almost two whole heads of garlic and about three inches of ginger.


The eggplant dish was really neat — you scorch a whole eggplant on the grill, peel off the charred skin, and then saute it with tomatoes and herbs. Make sure not to burn your hand off in the process. You could taste the smoky flavor!


I found both recipes re-published online if you want to check them out: tomato-butter chicken // eggplant bhurtha.

As for this weekend, I’ve got some baking to do — cookies, bread, and pizza dough. What’s on your menu lately?