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How was your weekend?


Ours was pretty quiet. Soaking up these last few low-key weekends before the holidays hit! Starring with some burrito bowls + Westworld (has anyone else watched this creepy/addictive show?) on Friday night:


Speaking of the holidays, we did sneak in a little shopping this weekend. Including a pair of new fall boots for me!

Most of the weekend was spent barefoot or in sneakers — my favorite footwear :) I went for a walk with my friend Katie last night, made it to the pool for a swim, and also went to my Saturday prenatal yoga class! I’ve missed the past two weeks due to travel and events so it was good to catch up with the other moms-to-be that have been attending regularly.


The bump is growing and the cravings for Asian food are still going strong! On Saturday night we headed to Miss Saigon. The exterior of this place says it all.


We had flashbacks of our trip to Vietnam a few years ago. I ordered a pickled lemon soda drink, which was weirdly good, but also kind of gross at the same time? Mixed feelings.


Instead of our usual pho, we both went for different Vietnamese dishes. This chicken/veggie/noodle plate hit the spot.


Since it’s finally cooling down (as in, it’s less than 80 degrees), hot soup seemed fitting for the fall weather. Last night we made my mom’s go-to lentil soup recipe, courtesy of Williams Sonoma. FYI I usually triple the recipe because the original yields like four cups of soup. Who does that? When it comes to soup I say go big or go home.


Bacon, cheese, sour cream, and avocado on top because the main point of having soup is to load it up with toppings 😉 Toasty sundried tomato bread on the side!


Now it’s off to work before I head out to Boston tomorrow! I have a feeling this week is going to be a fast one.

  • Do you usually double recipes? (I almost always do. Leftovers for life!)
  • Anyone watched Westworld? (We’re hooked)
  • Mom readers: Did you do prenatal yoga? Do you think it helped with labor/pregnancy?

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