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steps & bites from boston

Hello! Popping in to share a bite bit of this and that from Boston.


^^ I finally tried Flour! So many people recommended this local cafe/bakery that I walked an extra 0.2 miles to try it. Worth the trek!

Speaking of walking, that’s what I’ve been doing a LOT of lately. So nice to be in a city with sidewalks again! (Nashville isn’t super pedestrian-friendly.)


I recently bought these casual flat/slip-on sneaker-ish shoes for $30 and have covered at least 10 miles in them during this trip. No blisters or sore feet, plus I think they’re pretty cute!


Last night I walked them over to The Buttery, another local recommendation that lived up to the hype! Kale salad and lobster mac ‘n’ cheese. #balance


And the night before I got to dine with Lee, a member of the Tracksmith team! She took me on an awesome little walking tour of the Back Bay/South End/Boston Common area and then this super cool speakeasy. Unfortunately everything outside and inside was too dark to get good photos, but here’s a decent shot of the swanky bar — which, by the way, stocks homemade (nonalcoholic) ginger beer that was so spicy sweet!


One shot of the city during daylight. The weather has been surprisingly warm, which was a relief!


And now it’s time to wrap up this conference and say goodbye to Beantown. See y’all from down south on Monday!

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