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Another Monday! I feel like I’m always writing “weekend” posts these days. Where does the time go?


^^ Made it out for some lovely fall strolls over the past couple of days! It was perfectly crisp but not too cold during the daytime.


And chilly at night! Lizzie had a birthday bonfire party at her house on Saturday night and I didn’t snap a single photo with the birthday girl. But: HBD Lizzie!

On Friday night we stayed warm by eating a flaming hot green curry. When dinner brings you to spice-induced tears, you know it’s good.


Anthony whipped up this meal and had it ready to go when I got home from Boston. Good to be back home after a few days away!


My parents have also been traveling for the past couple of weeks so they visited yesterday morning to catch up over pancakes. These Pioneer Woman pumpkin pancakes are the bomb (I subbed half whole wheat baking flour and they still came out fluffy).


Plus sliced pears and homemade carrot-apple-ginger juice. Flavors of fall :) And eggs + bacon because bacon is always in season.



Other weekend adventures: A swim, some “fake running” on the elliptical, and baby clothes shopping! Only thirteen weeks left to prepare ourselves for becoming parents, so obviously cute clothes are one of the first to-do items. Which outfit do you like best? We ended up going for grey, though the white and black reminded me of one of my favorite movies when I was a little girl — 101 Dalmations!


All that shopping summoned up quite the appetite. Anthony and I were both craving burgers and there’s only one place in Nashville that promises “the cure.” The Pharmacy!


I always go to this place with the intention of getting a real burger (well actually, all I really think about is the tots). But then the chickpea burger always wins! I seriously think this is better than the beef burgers. Must learn how to recreate at home!


Remember when this used to be a running blog?! One day I promise I’ll have Garmin photos for you. But in the meantime I hope the burgers and pancakes are a good substitute :) Have a great week!

  • Favorite childhood movie?
  • Locals: Best burger spot?
  • Fries or tots?!!!

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  1. My favorite childhood movie is probably Aladdin or Lion King. We love acme feed and seed for burgers and its great spot by the river when we visit. And I prefer sweet potato fries!!