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wild rice soup + workout update

Hope your Wednesday is full of love:


Met up with reader Amy yesterday for coffee! Always fun to meet some of you online friends in person :). Other eats and drinks of the week so far include a fair amount of pool water…


My swimming career is still going strong! I don’t post much about workouts lately because it’s sort of boring to look at pictures of cardio equipment and pool lanes. But in case you’re curious, I’m still going strong on the cross-training front. I miss running a lot (especially with the gorgeous fall weather we have) but am getting used to my new routine.

On the menu this week: Wild rice and mushroom soup! I had a bunch of mushrooms from Costco and remembered this Cook Smarts recipe from a few months ago was one of my favorites. (<– BTW, that’s an affiliate link for three free meal plans!)


The key to this recipe — other than adding plenty of cheese on top! — is using **wild** rice, not just any old rice. Apparently wild rice isn’t even rice! It’s a type of grass that has a lovely nutty flavor and chewy texture. And it’s also super high in nutrients. Beware that wild rice is pricey (and so are shiitake mushrooms) so this simple vegetarian soup will put a small dent in your wallet. And a big happy warm spot in your stomach.


Simple salad on the side for some green power.


Let’s end with dessert! Pears and apples have taken over the fruit aisles at the grocery store so I bought two huge bags of them. The best way to eat a pear is as follows: Cooked in butter,


coated with brown sugar and cinnamon,


and topped with ice cream and walnuts.


Perfect weeknight treat, and pairs well with The Mindy Project! Anyone else watch the 100th episode this week?!

  • Ever cooked wild rice?
  • Favorite fall fruit/veggie?
  • Swimming: Yay or nay?

4 thoughts on “wild rice soup + workout update

  1. I am curious, maybe I missed a post, but I never saw why you aren’t running anymore. I remember ou asking about running during pregnancy because I commented about my running while pregnant, but then you stopped yourself, I am assuming based on doctor recommendation, but I don’t recall seeing that.

    • yes, doctor’s orders to take some time off high-impact stuff after my 20-week appointment. luckily the issue resolved itself and everything turned out fine, so now i can run again :)

  2. I am not a swimmer but maybe I’ll change that one day. And fresh apples from a local orchard in the fall can’t be beat! The smoke here in chatt is crazy-wildfires all around us. Today looks clear outside but the news says air quality is code red. I got in 6 miles outside yesterday but looks like today will be the treadmill…… Grr!

    • yes, i don’t have allergies too bad but even i’ve been noticing the air stuffiness! let’s get some rain please!