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friday catch-up

Friday! I already have my playlist for the next few days lined up: It’s John Mayer’s “Love on the Weekend” over and over again on repeat. His first single in THREE years! 

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Speaking of weekend, what do you have going on? We’re hosting our usual friendsgiving feast tomorrow and hopefully spending some time outside. The weather’s been pretty awesome these days (minus the wildfires) and I’ve been going for walks when I can.



Anthony was traveling a bit this week so one night I had a girls’ dinner with Katie! Taco toppings all lined up:


When it comes to tortillas, do you like corn or flour better? I can never decide so just go for both :)


Also on the menu this week: Freezer finds! Have to keep freeing up shelf space for more ice cream 😉 I thawed out some meatballs and pasta sauce and threw them on top of noodles and spinach for a quick TV dinner.


And while we’re on the topic of TV: Catching up on Westworld tonight! That show is seriously freaky but we can’t stop watching. See you guys on Monday!

  • Plans for the weekend?
  • Any other John Mayer fans out there? What do you think of the new single?!
  • Favorite Thanksgiving food?! (Mac and cheese and pumpkin pie for me thanks)

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