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friendsgiving #5 + fall walk

Greetings! What’s for breakfast?


^^ Mitchell’s Deli bagel sandwich! Best way to kick off the weekend. Plus hot (decaf) coffee to warm up after a brisk Saturday morning walk!


I met up with a few members from Team Beef for some miles in Shelby Park. They ran, I strolled.


My second workout of the day: Cooking up a storm! We hosted our fifth annual friendsgiving dinner on Saturday night with a handful of other couples.


On the menu: All the Thanksgiving fixins’, including TURKEY! We went for a 19-pounder this year and named her Glenda.


Everyone brought side dishes to share and I filled in a few gaps to round out the menu. Kale/apple/goat cheese/radish salad:


A loaf of fresh bread:


My go-to stuffing recipe


And an apple pie! My oven was working overtime this weekend. This was the first apple pie I’ve ever made — thanks to Smitten Kitchen for the guidance. My friend Hannah brought the pumpkin pie and I had slices of both for good measure :)


Here’s the final lineup — what a feast!


Shout out to Anthony for being the turkey carving master. Cutting the turkey in front of ten people can be intimidating, but he handled the pressure like a pro 😉


This plate was just a warm-up for Thursday! My family Thanksgiving will have 28 people attending, so get ready for even MORE food photos later this week.


Off to get this (short) week started and drink a delicious bottle of bright orange glucose before my next doctor’s appointment. Yummy!

  • Anyone else start Thanksgiving festivities early?
  • Locals: Favorite breakfast spot in town?
  • Pie or cake?!

4 thoughts on “friendsgiving #5 + fall walk

  1. Looks yummy!

    When we visit we love to eat at Country Boy for Breakfast in Leipers Fork.
    And why should we choose…………pie AND cake!!

  2. Recipe for the kale salad please. Looks like a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving menu.

    I guess I’d say pie between those choices, but I’m really a cookie and brownie kind of girl.