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back on the run!



I went for a run today :). Yesterday the doctor gave me the all-clear to start running again, which was great news! Even though it was a brisk 31 degrees out, I was still excited to lace up my sneaks and go for a jog.


Headed to the park because it’s nice and flat! No way I was tackling hills during my running re-debut.


I had no goals for this workout and didn’t look at my Garmin once. Even though I wanted to sprint in excitement for the first mile I took it nice and easy. After four miles I still felt good, so I tacked on another half for good measure!


At the end of the run I was surprised that my pace wasn’t slower and that I felt like I could keep going. I guess the combo of “fake running,” swimming, spinning, and walking helped keep my cardio levels up, and the baby bump didn’t drag me down too much (yet)! I don’t imagine I’ll be a speed or distance demon as I head into my third trimester, but that’s okay. Just feeling very grateful to get outside and run again.


I hope you liked this overload of running photos! Though it’s been fun to mix things up on the blog over the past eight weeks, it feels good to get back into my usual groove, at least for now. Stay tuned for more!


And stay warm out there!

  • Longest you’ve ever gone without running (8 weeks is my new max!)
  • Pregnant people/mommas: Did you run in your third trimester?
  • Winter running hat recommendations? I don’t think my ear warmer is going to cut it this season.

11 thoughts on “back on the run!

  1. Congrats, welcome back to running!
    I ran till almost my delivery date but had to start adding in some walking breaks when the belly got too big. I had to get a Gabriella maternity support belt to avoid having to stop and pee every .40 of a mile, it helped hold the belly up, I highly recommend it.
    You are now in the home stretch!
    The longest I have went without running was the 6 weeks after I had my baby to recover.

    • oh, thanks for the band recommendation! my bump is still on the smaller side but is growing at a rapid pace. will surely need a band at some point!

  2. I’m so glad you were able to run!! YAY! The longest I went without running was 1.5 years. (I have Crohn’s). MISERABLE. Also, I fired that doctor and got a new one. 😉 I hired a nutritionist/running coach, I’m all healed up, and here we are!

    I need a good running hat, too! Cold weather has been creeping in! I ran in the snow this last weekend and my ears were NOT happy with me.

    • wow, that’s a long time! glad you found a doctor and support crew that worked for you. will let you know if i snag a good hat!

    • i did go crazy for a while, but then found my non-running groove. good to get back into my #1 favorite activity though :)

  3. Good for you! I was afraid you were out of running for the rest of pregnancy. At 22 weeks I’m still “running”but only through doing run/walk intervals.

    I have a lululemon hat I like for running – it’s warm but not heavy, and has a hole for the ponytail!

    • of course lulu would have the best! i might look on black friday :). glad you’re still run/walking — just staying active is great!

  4. What an impressive run back! I’m so glad you have clearance to run again!

    My longest break was doctor enforced during my pregnancy. I couldn’t run for 15 weeks. Actually, I just started running a week and a half ago- three weeks post baby. I will tell you, three miles is feeling like quite an effort but I’m just so happy to be doing it!