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pre-thanksgiving, post-run thoughts

Feels like a Friday! What are you thankful for this year? I think mine is pretty obvious:


We’re looking forward to spending the next couple days with family here in Nashville. Per usual, my dad will oversee the deep-frying of a turkey (among other fryer-worthy foods like pickles, mac ‘n’ cheese, okra, ham, and whatever else inspires us):


and I’m dreaming about this meal:


I’m pitching in this year by making bread and salad to share! Going to go for a kale salad and have already baked loaf #1 of 4 which I took a creepy photo with this morning just for you.


But, most importantly, it’ll be nice to have a few days to hang out with family, sleep in, and soak up the holiday spirit! We set our tree up over the weekend and I’ve been listening to Christmas music nonstop :)

In spirit of the season, I whipped up another batch of butternut squash soup. Yep, we make this all the time and never get tired of it. I hope you’re not tired of seeing soup photos all the time!


I’ll have to write down a formal recipe next time I make this (so like… next week), but it’s basically as follows: Roasted squash // chicken stock // onion // bay leaf, nutmeg, salt, pepper // splash of heavy cream. Top with parmesan, cayenne, and toasted pepitas! Bacon is also a delicious addition :)


This soup is really the only thing on our menu right now because I’m anticipating lots of Thanksgiving leftovers come tomorrow!


Off to the gym to do some upper body stuff since my legs are SORE from yesterday. Ha! See you guys after I overdo it on fried turkey and black Friday shopping. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  • What are you making for Thanksgiving this year?
  • One dish you never ever get tired of eating/
  • Last time you were sore from a run? (I think mine was probably from my PR at the Cherry Blossom 10-miler… until I ran 4.5 miles yesterday :) )

3 thoughts on “pre-thanksgiving, post-run thoughts

  1. I was randomly sore from a 5K run a few weeks ago. No idea why! I even had DOMS, which I rarely get.

    I’m in Canada, so no Thanksgiving dinner for me this week. That and I’m moving, so it is probably Chinese Food and Pizza…..

    But we usually do the traditional turkey dinner. We did deep fry the turkey last year and it was delicious

  2. I actually don’t have to make anything this year, but I am going to bake some cupcakes just for fun. I love turkey at thanksgiving, and if it wasn’t such a big time investment I would cook it more than just once a year!

    Speaking of Christmas music, have you ever listened to She & Him? They have 2 Christmas cds out and are amaing. It is Zooey Deschanel (New Girl, Elf) and one guy, hence the name She & Him. You should give it a listen, she has a great voice!