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thanksgiving highlights

It’s been forever since I was in blogland! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving break :)


We spent the past few days hanging out with family — more than 20 members from my clan! It was fun catching up with everyone over a feast:


I really needed a wide-angle lens to capture it all. So much food!!!


I was in charge of bringing bread and salad. I made this kale salad again — never fails!


Do you guys get weird about foods touching or mixing on your plate? I clearly don’t have a problem piling them all on top of each other :) :


And just a reminder that I live in Tennessee and we deep fry our turkey:


Pre-turkey time we went for a run through the park. So nice to be able to get outside again!


Anthony and I covered 6.5 miles and only saw a couple other souls out there. Guess everyone was sleeping in or out of town?


My legs were pretty sore from Tuesday — I think they’re still getting used to running again, and then on top of that they’ve got baby weight to carry! Definitely did not care about my pace and was just happy to make it through almost a full hour of running.


Friday’s workout started at 6 a.m. and consisted of sprints through the mall with my mom, sister, and niece. Plus weight lifting in the form of clothes hanger and bag holding.

Black Friday is an annual tradition! Lunch at Logan’s after we were out of energy (and money) by noon:


And later that night…. PIZZA! Anthony is a dough-rolling pro and helped put together some pies to fire up in my parents’ outdoor oven.


Fresh from the flames:


My parents even have little cardboard boxes to help keep the pizzas warm — isn’t that cute?


Other than eating, shopping, and running, the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. Hope you guys also got to unwind and slow down for a few days. Let me know what you were up to in the comments section!