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DC/VA adventures

Hello from DC!


We’re in town for a bit catching up with friends and seeing the Virginia side of things. One of the stops on my agenda: A run with the fabulous Anne!!


We met up yesterday for a jog through my old Arlington stomping grounds. Even though it was rainy and grey outside, I was still excited to be out there with my running buddy. We did a few miles on the trails and ended with a victory lap around the track I used to train on every week when we lived here. Miss its bright red beauty!


A little over four miles at a decent pace! Mission accomplished.


As for this morning, I ventured farther into NOVA to check out the Ashburn Running Club. I’d heard good things about this group and thought I’d meet up with the crew.

Does anyone else like checking out new running clubs when they travel? I think it’s a great way to explore a new area. It was pretty dark (and rainy) when we ran but here’s a post-run Garmin pic to prove it happened. I clearly missed blogging about running over the past two months because the Garmin photos are getting a little out of hand. #sorrynotsorry


Why not wrap this post up with some yummy food? First, a spicy/cool salad from Nando’s Peri-Peri. Wish we had this Peruvian chicken chain in Nashville!


And, of course, burgers. I was craving one big time so we made it happen. No better way to end a blog post:


Off to explore some more. See you soon!

  • Pregnant people/mothers: What cravings do or did you have during pregnancy?
  • Tips for things to see and do in Ashburn/NOVA?
  • Do you ever meet up with new running clubs when you travel?

4 thoughts on “DC/VA adventures

  1. Just went back and read your referenced running story. First of all, you are such a youngin! Second, I love that you describe JH as “a strange place.” My thoughts on my college (Northwestern) exactly. I totally understand the need to escape sometimes!

    • haha, i looked at northwestern and almost went there! good to know that it would have been equally weird there, too :)