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Hello! Sorry I missed you yesterday. I was busy walking DC!


It was nice to be back near my old neighborhood for a few hours. First on the agenda: Meeting up with Jessie over coffee! It’d been way too long since we chatted. Also, if you can’t tell by this photo… the baby bump is large and in charge these days.


And then Alanna drove all the way down from Baltimore to meet me for lunch because she is an awesome friend. We hit up the Whole Foods hot bar and took this Christmas tree photo just for you guys. Happy holidays from Alanna and Mary!


After four days of rain, the sun finally came out which made it a nice afternoon for a stroll through the city. DC is looking good and was super busy as always. So many more people here than in Nashville! I don’t know how I used to keep up with the city life.


This morning brought more good weather. I was out bright and early for a jog on the W&OD trail. This trail is amazing — it goes alllllll the way through Northern Virginia!


I only covered six miles (well, I guess three since it was an out-and-back) of the 45-mile trail. I wonder if anyone has run the whole trail start to finish? I’m sure those crazy ultramarathoners do it all the time…


I didn’t realize that the first half of the run was slightly uphill, which made for a nice cruise on the way back! Lots of bikers passed me and one told me I was crazy for wearing shorts (it’s 43 degrees). Guess so? What’s your threshold for running tights? Mine is typically under 40 degrees and/or over 15 mph winds.


This was one of my speedier runs since I came back from my hiatus a couple of weeks ago! Let’s see how sore I am tomorrow :)


On the food front, these salad/grain bowls from Cava were delicious. A mountain of Mediterranean goodness! Need to recreate this at home.


and on one of the many rainy nights earlier this week, Anthony and I ventured into Vienna and warmed up with hot bowls of pho.


We have one day left in DC, and then are back in Nashvegas tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  • What temperature is your cutoff for running pants vs. shorts?
  • DC people: Favorite trail in town? Rock Creek Park will always be my #1 but I do love W&OD for its sheer size.
  • One restaurant dish you’ve successfully recreated at home?

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  1. I would definitely be in capris at the very least in 43 degree weather. I might go for full tights then too.