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Starting off this Monday with a few announcements! First, congrats to reader Brittany whose “starting line” story won her a Tracksmith singlet:

“My first running route was around my college town right after graduating! I had started an office job and needed to do something to move now that I was sitting all day every day. I was the person who couldn’t run a mile in high school, so my new identity as a runner sometimes still surprises me almost 8 years later :) That first route was two miles, which I walked probably half of. That fall I trained for a half marathon and have since run 8 half marathons and one full. Still love running around my old college town when I get a chance!”

And second, a Cook Smarts discount code for the holidays! You guys know I love this meal planning service and am proud to be an ambassador for them :) Right now Cook Smarts is offering 40% off meal plans and gift certificates with the code HAPPYCOOKING. A great gift for yourself or a friend!


So, how was your weekend? Our DC trip wrapped up with a big ole pizza pie.


And also a salad earlier in the day. I am a lettuce snob and hate when the stems are way too long. This was one of the lankiest pieces of arugula I’ve ever seen in my life. Get your act together, Panera!


On Saturday it was nice to be back home and have my own kitchen back! I made a big loaf of bread to take over to a friend’s football party. Yes, we actually kind of watched football over the weekend. I still don’t understand but the food part is fun.


The rest of the weekend was spent cozying up inside because the weather was cold and winter-y. I did make it out for a run on Sunday morning, though!


The skies were washed grey and most trees lost their leaves while we were gone last week. :( Winter here we come.


On the bright side, now that I’m running again street furniture is BACK. Lovely little shelf spotted on Riverside Drive.


Five miles with a few walk breaks on the hills. I definitely lost some strength and speed during my eight-week running hiatus, but I’m still so happy to be on the run again!


Today’s looking pretty bleak outside, too. Ugh, Monday!

  • Anyone else very picky about their lettuce?
  • How frequently do you stop to rest/walk on a typical run?
  • Football: Yay or nay?

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  1. I usually walk once or twice during the first mile of my run. After that I can go on for a while and don’t have to stop again, but it takes me a while to warm up and during that first mile I’m busy thinking how tired I am and how hard this is! Your hair looks great in that arugula photo, also.