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running tights + crumbly tacos

Sorry for all of the grey photos lately — this weather is really dragging the blog down! Though it’s made my past couple of runs a little dreary, I won’t let it stop me from getting out the door altogether.


Yesterday I did a hilly five miles into the park and back out again. The climb is steep! I’ve run by this graffiti elephant probably 500+ times since we moved to Nashville and he always brightens my day.


Found a spot of color on the sidewalk and took this picture just for you. By the way, I’ve been loving my Saucony Kinvaras. They’re not 100% perfect for my foot and form like my beloved PureConnects were, but they’re a solid 99%! (And cheaper. And still in stock.) 


Other favorite running finds lately: the ONE and ONLY pair of maternity athletic tights that are sweat-wicking and made for actually working out. I found THESE at Athleta after trying on about five other brands and was so relieved that they actually fit, weren’t made of cheap material, and were under $100! Pea in the Pod was the only other store with decent running tights but they were super pricey. The Athleta ones are on sale right now for $28 and you can bet I just bought a second pair 😉


Shoe and clothing rant over! Moving right along to food…


We had some friends over on Sunday for tacos + the finale of Westworld! What a weird but good show. Anyone else watching?

I’ve been really disappointed in store-bought corn tortillas — they always crumble and have no flavor! I bought some masa flour and tried to make my own.


All you need is flour, water, salt, and a hot griddle or pan — sounds easy, right? I added some olive oil to try and make the dough stay together, but mine still came out quite crumbly and were all amoeba-shaped. On the plus side, they tasted really good!


We made taco mountains instead of roll-ups and went fork-and-knife style. Problem solved!


Does anyone have experience with a tortilla press? I think I might need one for homemade tortilla attempt #2.

And those are all of the random morning thoughts I have for you today! Stay dry out there.

  • Pregnant people/mothers: Favorite brands for maternity workout clothes?
  • Do you have a tortilla press? Recommendations for making tortillas by hand?
  • Anyone else watch the finale of Westworld?! Predictions for season 2?

4 thoughts on “running tights + crumbly tacos

  1. I live in Germany and they don’t sell corn tortillas at supermarkets, so I make homemade tortillas all the time!
    I use a press and I think it’s pretty necessary for getting evenly thin and nicely shaped tortillas. If the dough is the right consistency it should feel a bit springy like play-doh!
    One trick to keep them from getting too dry and and crumbly is to immediately wrap them in a clean towel or put them in a tortilla box the second they come off the grill/pan and keep them wrapped up for a while. They basically steam themselves in there and it keeps them soft!

    • thank you for the tips! i bought a press and am going to try again :) and we have a tortilla box so hopefully will be all set!