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quick run & more carbs

Morning! The running gods must have listened to my requests because we finally got some sun around here.


I overslept big time yesterday (I think the third trimester fatigue is settling in…) and had just a few minutes to squeeze in three miles. During my recent running hiatus, that’s one thing I missed the most about running — how easy, quick, and convenient it is! So easy to fit in a solid little workout in 25 minutes, no logistics or extra travel time required. I did have to spend a few extra seconds layering up for the cold, though! Winter is here.


One of my favorite shoe photo spots is fading. Whoever painted these cute East Nashville spots around the hood needs to go freshen them up!


Not much to report on the food front this week — tonight is the first night I’ll be cooking since Sunday! Before we left for DC last week I made a bunch of meatballs and froze them. Between pasta (we do a spaghetti/spaghetti squash mix) and leftover tacos, we’ve been covered on the lunch and dinner front for days.


Speaking of pasta, I came across this pro-carb piece (woot!) in the New York Times today which discusses how carbs during a workout can help fend off illnesses! Go eat some bread and feel better :) See you tomorrow!

  • What do you miss the most about running during a day/week/month off?
  • Carbs: Yay or nay?
  • How often do you oversleep?

One thought on “quick run & more carbs

  1. I like the idea of spaghetti squash, and have had it when other people made it and liked it, but every time I make it I feel like it ends up being disgusting. Not sure what I’m doing wrong!