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winter gear & winter eats

Chilly end to the week! Today was my first sub-30 run and I got out the double layers in preparation. After years of running in a wimpy head warmer that only covers my ears, I decided to order a full beanie the other day for complete head warmth. This Athleta “Gone in a Flash” beanie looked pretty hardcore but I’m sad to report that I’ll be returning it. (Don’t worry, they have a “give it a workout guarantee” that lets you return something even if you sweat in it).


It was too loose around the ears, let in cold air, and kept slipping back on my head for the entire run. Beanie fail! If you have a winter running cap/hat/beanie recommendation, let me know in the comments. On a related note, I’m still in love with the Manzanella glove/mittens I bought last year. They’re legit! 


Winter running gear rant over for the day! Apart from my finicky beanie situation this run was a goodie. First time in months that I tackled the big hill out of the park — it’s a doozy!


Six miles in the books. Good start to the weekend.


All this winter weather has me in soup mode. On the menu last night was a creamy tomato soup courtesy of Smitten Kitchen/America’s Test Kitchen. So good! I got home at 8:30 p.m. after teaching English class and was too hangry to take a nice photo for y’all. Half a baked potato topped with slow-cooked chicken (mixed in with pesto from the freezer) on the side.


I made this soup (and took pretty pictures of it) last winter and have been thinking about it for the past 11 months. The trick is roasting the tomatoes, not skimping on the butter, and adding the pinch of allspice.


What’s on your menu for the weekend? I’m hoping I can run with friends, find some good Indian food, and do some Christmas shopping!

  • Favorite soup? (I love creamy tomato, black bean, and anything that dips well with grilled cheese)
  • Winter running hat/beanie recommendations? Help!
  • What are your plans for the weekend?

7 thoughts on “winter gear & winter eats

  1. I have never been able to find a hat that keeps my ears warm enough. so usually I just wear a headband. However, when it gets super cold, it’s not quite enough. So, honestly, I wear the headband over the hat so my ears and my head are warm enough.

    • i considered doing that too! is it too much to ask of the world to provide a hat that can cover your ears and head sufficiently?! i ordered another one on amazon that got good reviews and can’t wait to give it a try :)

  2. We are going to see the Nutcracker tonight (our flower girl from our wedding is in it), work Christmas party tomorrow night, sister in law visiting Sunday and Monday, and then Rock City’s garden of lights with her on Monday night! Have you ever been? It’s like a million lights and it is gorgeous!

    I love Chicken Noodle soup…………probably getting some from Panera tonight!
    And I wear the headbands, haven’t found a hat I love………..will be interested to hear what you find!

    • no, but thanks for the recommendation! panera’s soups are the bomb. i loved their black bean soup but i think it’s been discontinued? I ordered another running hat and will let you know how it goes!

  3. I can only seem to get the beany to stay on my head where I wear full on face protection where basically its like my entire head is covered and I put the hat over top. Not sure that any hat with work for women with a ponytail because the ponytail causes the hat to not stay put.

    Also – what size did you get your gloves in? I lost mine while in the medical area after the memphis st. jude marathon last weekend and I want to get some good ones for the winter!!

  4. Hey! I live in Nashville, and randomly googled Nashville running blogs, and came across yours. For your beanie troubles have you ever tried a buff (http://buffusa.com/), like they wear in Survivor? I like them because you can wear ear warmers under them if you are really cold, and they work for heat and cool.

    • yay, Nashville! haha, like survivor! What a good show. YES, I do have a buff of sorts — it’s a SmartWool scarf/neck warmer that doubles as a hat/ear warmer. I love it but it’s so ugly!