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How was your weekend? Mine started out in the best way:


On Saturday I woke up with a serious craving for a Mitchell’s Deli breakfast sandwich and made it happen after going for a swim. Yep, a swim instead of a run on a Saturday morning — who am I?!


Later that day I met my friend Katy (with a Y) for a walk, and the next morning I met my friend Katie (with an IE) for a run :)


It was freezing this weekend — in the 20s! We kept a speedy pace to stay warm. Speaking of speedy, the bump is growing at a very fast rate these days. Apparently baby is now the size of a head of romaine lettuce?!


We didn’t have any lettuce this weekend because it’s too cold for salad, duh. Instead I cranked up the oven and roast a whole chicken.


Cook’s Illustrated’s crispy roast lemon chicken is SO good. It’s a little labor intensive but perfect for a cold weekend night. I linked to the recipe so you can see all the steps, but basically you stuff a chicken with lemons and garlic, roast it for an hour or so, and then cut it up and broil it in a broth/butter/lemon sauce. Yum.


Since the oven was going, I popped in a pan of veggies as a side. Done!


After dinner our weekend got really wild with a stroll around the neighborhood.


Street furniture spotting! A whole couch and desk chair available on Setliff Drive if you’re interested. What a treat.


And here’s another early Christmas gift to myself. I’m not much of an impulse shopper but when I saw Aldi was selling a 20-piece set of Anchor glass food storage containers for THIRTEEN DOLLARS you know I put it in my cart without a question. #tupperwarediva



Off to go for a run in the rain. Hope you had a good weekend!

  • Are you an impulse shopper?
  • Favorite Cook’s Illustrated recipe?
  • Did you freeze during your runs this weekend?

One thought on “weekend

  1. Latest impulse buy- fuzzy blanket from Costco for $14.99. We loved it so much, we went back and bought a second. Baby and cat approved.

    I love most Cook’s Illustrated recipes. My most repeated in the past year have been the Chicken Stew (really, do this pre-baby since it’s a bit labor intensive) and the thick and chewy double chocolate cookies. Yum.

    I’m making a trip to Aldi for those tupperware.