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holiday gifts for runners: 5 of my all-time faves

The holidays are here! If you’re doing some last-minute shopping for a runner friend (or yourself :) ), I thought I’d share five of my all-time favorite running finds. Enjoy!

1. Manzella Hi-Viz Hatchback gloves. After years of dealing with wimpy gloves and cold hands, I finally invested in these Manzellas after careful research and trials last year. LOVE them! Wind-proof and ultra warm. I still wear a thin layer under them when it’s below 30 degrees, but they’re the toughest glove/mittens I’ve found on the market to date.


2. Victoria’s Secret Knockout High-Rise legging. I was super skeptical of Victoria’s Secret last year when they came out with an “athleisure” line — could their gear be any good? I tried these leggings thinking for sure I would return them, but I was wrong! They’re nice and thick for cold weather, made of high-quality fabric, and the best is that they’re snug and high-fitting which means you avoid the dreaded saggy crotch situation that is all too common with women’s running tights. I have solid black because I’m boring but they make lots of fun colors and patterns for you wild runners. Plus these leggings are a lot more affordable than other running tights on the market. Win. (ps the jacket I’m wearing is on sale for $37, XXS only! If you have any petite friends or are small yourself, go for it! I’m wearing a size S in the photo below)


3. Swiftwick socks. Don’t abuse your feet with cheap socks this winter! I started wearing Swfitwicks about seven years ago and my life has gotten so much better since. They last forever, don’t slip down your heels when you run, and of course never give you blisters. In the summer I like to wear the Vibe Zeros and for winter running I’m a fan of the  Maxus Zeros.


4. Huma gels. A great stocking stuffer! I’m a fan of these chia seed/fruit puree gels that taste better and have a slightly less sticky consistency than GU. A lot of my runner friends who have queasy stomachs say that Huma gels go down easier too.

huma gu energy gels

5. Black Diamond Spot headlampIf you’re a winter runner who exercises before or after work, it’s almost impossible to run in the sun! I bought this headlamp a few years ago and it’s been a game-changer for my early morning runs. Stay safe out there with this little gadget. It’s comfortable (I recommend wearing a hat or beanie under it), has a long-lasting battery, and shines nice and bright. 



What’s on your runner’s wishlist for the holiday season?

2 thoughts on “holiday gifts for runners: 5 of my all-time faves

  1. I am glad I’m not the only one who likes boring black tights! I thought I was the only person who didn’t like patterned ones, they look great on others but are not for me.