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grey skies and gumbo

Remember when I used to take this photo and everything was green?!


Lately we’ve been very grey.


But at least the Christmas lights are bright!


I jogged around the park and neighborhood this morning and felt pretty good. I was really sore the first couple weeks I got back into running, but now my legs (and back, and abs) are kind of used to it again. The only muscle that’s still coming back slowly I run is that little one right above my knee. Looking at this very realistic depiction of a pair of muscly running legs, I think the proper name is vastus medialis?

Image result for running muscles legs

Anyways, I’m proud of this artsy photo so am sharing it with you.


And proud that the hills didn’t kill my pace today! East Nashville is a small mountain — you can’t avoid inclines no matter how hard you try :)


Unless you head to the treadmill, of course :) I was planning on running outside on Monday, but it was rainy and I got nervous about slipping with the bump. Not worth the risk! I headed to the treadmill instead just to be on the safe side. I don’t know what I was laughing about at 6 a.m. in this photo, good times.


On the menu this week: Gumbo! Found this in the Cook Smarts archives and thought it was fitting for dreary winter weather.


I’ve never made gumbo before and only eaten it once or twice, so can’t speak to this recipe’s authenticity. (Here’s a similar recipe FYI) I got the roux to a nice golden brown and stirred in plenty of Cajun seasoning, so I’m hoping this was close to the real deal? It tasted good, at least!


May you have a merry day!

  • Gumbo: ever made it? What’s the secret to the perfect roux?
  • Pregnant people/mother runners: Did you ever worry about falling n the run when you were pregnant?
  • Christmas lights: Colored or white?!! Let the debate begin.

7 thoughts on “grey skies and gumbo

  1. I made that recipe a few months ago! I thought it was pretty tasty but it made way too much. I always find the soup/stews on cook smarts yield way more than I want. Perhaps because I don’t really like soup so I don’t want much at all. I’ve stopped making them when I see them on the menu. Also I like both white and colored Christmas lights! This year I put only white on my Christmas tree, that’s a first!

    • you’ve expressed your distaste for soups numerous times in the comments section, alanna. we try to keep mpm a positive space so if you keep bashing CS soups i’m going to have to SPAM YOU!!!!!! jk. yeah it did make a lot, which i usually don’t mind but do mind when a recipe involves seafood because who wants to microwave shrimp?

  2. I did fall while running pregnant. I was with two of my closest running buddies and tripped on a speed bump, on a perfectly dry sunny day. doh! Everything was a-ok, and the baby was not bothered!

    But I agree with you – no reason to risk running when it’s slippery out!

    Seriously though, as the weeks go by, I recommend always running with a friend or Anthony :)

    • Good tip! I read today that 25% of all women fall at some point during their third trimester because of general clumsiness and center of gravity issues, haha. So a little less worried now, but still want to play it safe! :)

  3. I like Emeril’s secret to the perfect roux- cook it for the time it takes you to drink 2 beers. Of course, right now you might need a volunteer to help you with the timing.