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beanie or ear warmer?

Morning! Finally, I saw a sun in the sky.


It was 23 degrees this morning and I wanted to stay under the covers. But, I had a new beanie to try out and thought the chilly conditions would be the perfect time to test it! After returning the Athleta beanie and this Manzella beanie (which was really more of a base layer/skull cap), I decided to try this TrailHeads “Power Ponytail” beanie. Third time’s a charm, right?


Well, yes and no. This was by far the best beanie of the bunch and provided solid ear coverage. HOWEVER, I was under the impression that a beanie — which offers full head coverage — would be significantly warmer than an earwarmer/headband which obviously does not cover as much of your head.

But after today I think I was proven wrong. Yes, the beanie kept my head warm, but surprisingly it wasn’t much (if any) warmer than a plain old ear warmer (pictured below).


Although ear warmers and beanies are both ugly, I think it’s safe to say that beanies are uglier than ear warmers — they make your head all pointy at the top and also get finicky with ponytail placement.


If the two are equal in terms of performance than I think I’ll stick with the slightly more attractive ear warmer option and ditch this beanie dilemma altogether. Anyone have recommendations for a good ear warmer?! :) My pink and black one above is years old and all stretched out. The quest for winter head warmth continues!


Four and a half miles finished! Now I’m drinking a hot cup of tea :) (ps I hope you like my red running jacket because it is the only jacket that fits me right now so you’ll be seeing a lot of it.)


Moving right along to food… this week’s Cook Smarts favorite is creamy pasta with ham and peas! Plus a side of sauteed honey-glazed carrots.


It’s hard to go wrong with pasta in cream sauce so of course we loved this dish. The carrots were really tasty, too!


We listened to Christmas music over dinner and I busted out the Christmas napkins I sewed last year. Have you bought all your presents? We ordered all of ours over the weekend — delivered straight to Santa from Amazon Prime :)


Have yourself a merry little Thursday!

  • Head warmer recommendations?
  • How many winter running jackets do you have?
  • Christmas shopping: online or in store?

3 thoughts on “beanie or ear warmer?

  1. I hate the ear warmers! I can’t get them to stay on my ears! I have two beanies…that I’ve been wearing…at the same time this winter. One is a Saucony light weight wind breaker material, and the other one is a winter Columbia beanie. I also wear two gloves. Yesterday’s run included all the above plus a pair of fleece lined running tights and warm windpants. I’m a mess in winter! Luckily I’ve only had to deal with ice once so far!

    I have one ‘winter’ running jacket. I also have a running sweatshirt that sort of works. I need to find winter socks. ProCompression socks rule, but not in the cold!

    Shopping? I do both in store and online.