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NOLA weekend

Hi! Sorry I missed you on Friday. I was up bright and early to make a flight to New Orleans!


I had a work event on Friday night and Anthony and I got to spend Saturday exploring the city. Starting with a run!


Yep, that’s me in shorts and a t-shirt. It was 73 degrees out there and humid as can be. Such a weird and kind of wonderful (sweaty) change after some super chilly runs here in Nashville. We did a simple out-and-back route through Audubon Park. So green!


Running buddies 4 life.


We took it nice and slow, stopping for water a couple of times and to jump and dodge the crackly, crazy sidewalks of NOLA.


After our run we had just enough time to shower, pack our bags, and meet Julie for brunch! (Julie I stole this photo from your Instagram… thanks :) )


Usually restaurants make you choose between grits, home fries, or a biscuit. But not the restaurant we went to. All of my favorite carbs on one plate:


The plan was to go to the airport after we finished but then Anthony and I found out our flight got delayed by FIVE HOURS thanks to crazy winter weather in Boston and Denver. We’d already checked out of our hotel room so got to tack on even more miles on foot for the rest of the day. We were exhausted by the time we got home late Saturday night!

Magazine Street. Loved this boutique, which included a real live dog in the window!


Of course we found ourselves at a local running store, where I bought yet another head warmer! Details to come soon :)


Annnnd a detour at Sucre to buy baby some chocolates — I could tell she was craving them 😉 . Now that I’m 32 weeks along, people are really starting to notice the bump! I was congratulated by total strangers quite a few times over the weekend.


And it wouldn’t be a perfect weekend away without an awesome street furniture sighting. Maybe next time we’ll skip the streets and just run on this fabulous outdoor treadmill instead :)


Hope you had a great weekend!

  • Longest flight delay you’ve ever had? (We thought our flight would get canceled altogether, but luckily made it home!)
  • Ever run on a treadmill outside? (I’ve often thought that if we ever get a treadmill I’d like to put it on a patio)
  • Favorite breakfast carb? (Tie between biscuits and pancakes!)