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winter running & eating

It’s 14 degrees outside! Good thing I finally found an ear warmer that works. I’m pointing under my mittens!


(Not that I actually ran today — I stayed indoors at the gym and did a boot camp class instead! These photos are from Sunday’s run, which was cold but at least above 20 :) )

Introducing the Brooks Utopia Thermal headband. Nice and warm, and nice and tight! Plus it’s under $20. I don’t know if “headband” means it shouldn’t be used as an ear warmer but whatever. Glad I finally found my head warmer for this winter!


Other than the exciting new running apparel, this run was pretty uneventful. Anthony and I did a simple 5-mile route through the grey neighborhood…


Well, almost five miles! Usually I try to finish on a solid full or half mile count but we were running late for church and had to wrap up our run ASAP. 4.8 is close enough!


Let’s end this post with a hot bowl of chili!


We’re a little behind on the Cook Smarts menu and made a modified sweet potato/beef/bean chili from last week’s lineup. Loved the addition of sweet potato in the recipe — yum!


Now I’m off to frost a double-chocolate cake, hit the gym, and get to work! See you on the flip side.

  • Gloves or mittens?
  • Anyone else have to tack on random bits at the end of their run to reach a solid full or half mile on their Garmin?
  • What’s your #1 trick for staying warm on the run?