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weird run + ramen salad

What a weird winter morning.


I had grand plans to meet up with East Nasty today! Put on all of my winter gear, strapped on my head lamp, and drove to the meeting point at 6 a.m. Then I stepped out of the car and felt how slick the roads were. It’s juuuust cold and humid enough to form thin layers of ice in certain spots. Running while seven months pregnant on a slippery dark route didn’t sound like a good plan, so I waved goodbye to the group a couple of seconds after I said hello. Drove back home, changed into shorts, grabbed my headphones and headed to the warm, non-slip treadmill :) I wasted about 20 minutes going to and fro, but at least I fit my run in and got to say hi to my running friends, if only for a second!


Luckily I saved a few minutes to make up for lost time this morning because lunch is already packed! Leftovers from last night = Cook Smarts’ sriracha-ramen salad (served warm!).


I expressed quite a bit of “creative freedom” with this recipe — adding in some leftover veggies we had from last week’s chili, tossing in some ginger, topping with peanuts, and using a mix of soba and ramen noodles. Throw everything in the wok and somehow it magically works.


BTW, I think I mentioned this a while ago, but I’m a Cook Smarts ambassador now! Use my link to try three free meal plans, and then you’ll understand why I’m so obsessed with this service :) Weeknights are a lot less stressful when you have fun, easy recipes to look forward to. Plus they put CHICKEN AND WAFFLES on the menu last week. Just saying.


On a totally unrelated note, I’ll leave you with this question of the day — can anyone recommend a good rocker or glider chair? Preferably under $500? I’ve found a few I like but they’re in the thousand dollar range :). Suggestions welcome!

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  1. We were in the same predicament with gliders when we were expecting our first. We ended up going with this inexpensive one and really like it:
    We’re expecting #2 and will use it again. It was between this one and a Pottery Barn one and I just couldn’t justify the price difference. This one is comfortable, not too big, has a pocket for books- we’re fans. :)

  2. I have a furniture store in Atlanta and a favorite rocker/glider is the Braxton or Quinn from Best Home Furnishings. You can go to their website (www.besthf.com) and put in your zip code to see who sells them near you (I think Haverty’s might and also smaller mom and pop stores). But those two rockers are super comfortable for pregnant moms and a popular choice. My niece got one about 8 years ago for her first child and it has lasted AND we still all fight to sit in that chair because it is so comfortable. It should price around $500-$600 depending on the fabric choice. Good luck!