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an update from the oven

Feels like a Friday!


Tomorrow starts a week-long break for us. We’re excited to have a little staycation here in Nashville over the holidays. I slept in a little  bit this morning and squeezed in a quick run. Jogged by my favorite decorated house in East Nashville. The photo makes the house looks a little yellow, but it’s actually winter snow white! So pretty.


Five miles in forty-degree weather! Felt like summer out there 😉


And now for an update from my oven! I’ve been busy baking up a storm this week. First, a double-layer chocolate cake:


I followed this chocolate cake recipe from Food & Wine. Was super hesitant about it the further along I got into making it — what kind of cake recipe calls for two cups of water? The batter was quite soupy and I was convinced the cakes wouldn’t turn out.

But they did! Thank goodness. I glued them together with “the BEST (and EASIEST)” chocolate frosting, which I think actually did live up to its name. Quite tasty.


All together with a candle on top! I assembled the cake at my office for some coworkers’ birthdays. Much easier to transport an un-frosted cake than a frosted one :)


This wasn’t the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had (I still think the water gave it an unusual texture), but it was definitely edible :). (My favorite cake recipe of all time still goes to Add a Pinch’s Best White Cake Ever… I could eat this cake every day for the rest of my life)


And…. fresh out of the oven this morning: Mini baguettes!! Sorry for the so-so photos — that’s what happens when you blog between the hours of 5 and 7 am :)


I’m going to attempt banh mi sandwiches tomorrow and thought I’d go all out and make the baguettes myself. I’ve been making bread for years now but haven’t really ventured into any forms apart from the classic loaf. A few times I’ve tried to make burger buns but they never really turn out. So, I was curious to see how I’d fare on the baguette front. (Yep, this is the kind of drama that goes down in my house. Pretty wild stuff.)

I made the dough last night in the bread machine and beat it back down this morning. The speckles are poppyseeds! I did a mix of whole wheat and normal bread flour, plus some flax seed, poppyseed, and millet sprinkled in.


I formed four little logs separated by parchment paper walls per the guidance of this recipe. Then I let the loaves rise again while I went for my morning run.


Got home and scored them (I need to work on my scoring skills) before putting them in the hot oven. They baked while I showered and got ready for the day.


Ta-da! The baguettes would probably be crustier if I had a real baking stone, but a cookie sheet will work for now :) I’m pretty pleased with my first baguette attempt, though a French person would probably throw all of these in the trash.


Have a good day!

  • Bread people: Baguette tips? I can see this becoming a new obsession…
  • Did you decorate your house for Christmas?
  • Are you staying home or traveling for the holidays?

2 thoughts on “an update from the oven

  1. When I saw the title of this post I totally thought it was going to be a pregnancy update! Lol. Babies on the brain I guess. Happy holidays!

    • Ha! No, it’s really just about my oven :). BUT I do plan on doing a pregnancy update next week! It’s been too long!