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Frosty morning.


I headed out to the park on a five-mile journey. Chilly but beautiful out there! I have this week off of work and it’s been amazing to run in the mornings without feeling too rushed. Typically I bolt out the door and just have enough time to squeeze in a run before packing lunches, writing to you guys, getting ready, and commuting to the office. Today we have a much looser schedule!


These random roosters didn’t even give me a cock-a-doodle-doo. Guess everyone’s alarm clocks are off :)


Five and a half miles in one of the three shirts that fits me. Hope you guys like this grey hoodie because you will be seeing a lot of it for the next couple of months.


Sorry I missed you guys yesterday. We’ve been having a busy break with Anthony’s friend Chris who is visiting from Australia!


The weather has been weirdly warm (until today — we’re back in the 20s!) so we’ve spent a lot of time outside. The airfield looked magnificent the other evening!


In seven weeks we’ll be pushing a stroller… :0


In other evening exercise news (I know, it’s crazy. Putting on sneakers past 3 p.m. is unheard of for me), last night I met up with some Team Beef members and a local running club for a jog around Franklin!


We covered four dark miles. Not enough light for any photos, but I had fun trying a new route and making new friends. Thanks for the run, Franklin Road Runners! If any of you guys live in the Brentwood/Franklin area you should definitely give this group a try.

And here are my other new friends…


Nashville’s famous Five Daughters bakery just opened a new location on the east side of town. You should cancel all of your plans for the day and go get their chocolate brioche donut asap.


Also on the food front: A few home-cooked meals. Chris is staying with us after more than two weeks of travel throughout the US. I thought he’d want some simple dishes when he arrived. For lunches we’ve had soups galore!



And for dinner the other night I made a roast chicken, potato casserole, and salad.


Let me end this post with breaking ice cream news. Talenti Tahitian vanilla bean vs. plain vanilla bean! Talenti is basically its own food group to me so this taste test was a pivotal moment in my life. Both were delicious but I favor the classic vanilla bean a little bit more. Tahitian was a too smoky!


On that note, it’s time to tackle another very productive day :). See you guys soon!

  • Favorite ice cream brand/flavor?
  • Locals: Have you been to Five Daughters? Thoughts?
  • Last time you switched up your workout schedule — ran in the morning instead of evening or vice versa?

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  1. I try to only go to Five Daughters when I have visitors, but it’s tempting to go much more often! Sooo good.