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on the road, on the run

Hello! How has this week been for you? We’ve spent the past couple days on the road, with breaks for runs and fun in between!


Yesterday Anthony and I did a quick three miles around the country roads of Winchester, TN.


We ran on stomachs full of pizza from the night before. First mile was tough but we picked it up at the end. #worthit


Speaking of pizza, here it is in all its glory…


We stopped at my parents’ house on Wednesday night to fire up the grill! Nothing warms my heart and stomach more.


Anthony, Chris, and my mom handled the dough rolling + toppings while my dad manned the oven. I guess my job was to taste test and take photos :)


We ate quite a few slices hot out of the oven, but did save a few pies to enjoy eating insideĀ at the table!


After pizza night we started our southeastern adventure, stopping in Winchester first. Yesterday we journeyed on to Chattanooga. Beautiful day for a drive!


We left a little late and got stuck in traffic so I was rungry, hangry, and pregnant-hungry (prangry?) all at the same time :). Our first stop was at the famous Aretha Frankenstein’s!


This cafe is known for their seriously thick pancakes, which I had dreamed about the night before. They also serve every dish with at least three packets of butter. Feast!


The pancakes lived up to the hype. Fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside. This was the best.


We all fell into pancake comas after breakfast and needed some fresh air ASAP. A walk outside sounded good!


Anthony and I were having flashbacks from the Four Bridges Half Marathon on this bridge! That was a fun race.


Next stop was the Hunter Museum for some artistic inspiration.


I think this painting was my favorite!


I have more photos to share, but this post is getting long! Guess that’s what happens when you take a day off blogging :). I’ll try to pop in tomorrow with more very important news about running, food, and all the other must-know info this blog is known for….

  • Favorite pizza topping?
  • Best/worst foods to eat the night before a run?
  • When was the last time you took a road trip?

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