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Happy 2017!


^^ As you can tell, NYE got pretty wild for us. A few rounds of Balderdash with some friends with extra scoops of Talenti and fancy champagne (or sparkling juice) glasses. Anthony and I did stay awake past midnight, which was huge!

Our road trips continued over the past few days — we were between Nashville, Antioch, Mufreesboro, and Nolensville. Running is the perfect on-the-go workout so that’s what I did.


Starting with a speedy five miles on Friday. We had to hit the road ASAP to make it back to Nashville on time for an appointment so I picked up the pace!


Then on Saturday I met up with Lizzie who is a speed demon. Another quick one!


We ran in the gloomy rain and saw maybe one other sad soul out jogging. On bad weather days it’s always good to have a running buddy :)


And on Sunday Anthony and I went out for an easy afternoon jog. Another day of grey skies, but the trails were packed with people kicking off their new year’s resolutions!


This is how we feel about running at 3 p.m. after a late night, bacon-donut brunch, and afternoon nap…


About those donuts. That’s what we contributed (plus Smitten Kitchen’s beautiful spinach-cheese strata, which I didn’t snap a single photo of, sorry) to my family’s belated Christmas brunch yesterday! Yum.


Here’s proof that I ate a vegetable at some point over the past three days :) Simple grilled chicken salads at home on Saturday that hit the spot!


And one final meal with Chris before he headed back to Australia: a French feast at Le Sel. Still dreaming about the epic ginger-lime mocktail they made for me:


We got a ton of small plates to share, including this yummy beet salad.


And the roast chicken! So buttery and tender.


After so much running and eating around, it was nice to end our Christmas break on a low-key note yesterday afternoon. We spent a few hours tidying up, cooking dinner, and washing + folding a pile of baby clothes! Coming soon in the new year :)


Back to the usual routine today!

  • How did your first run of 2017 go?
  • Locals: Have you tried Le Sel? Thoughts?
  • Running after an afternoon nap: Yay or nay?